Does Claire’s Do Nose Piercings?

The American retailer popular among girls for its amazing collection of jewelry and accessories, Claire’s has multiple stores across cities and states in over 15 countries around the world. Claire’s is the best choice for ear and nose piercings.

However, most people still remain unaware and wanted to know Does Claire’s Do Nose Piercings?

In this post, let us discuss Claire’s ear piercing services, its reputation, and how well it’s regarded by the millions of customers who’ve had their ears pierced at Claire’s outlet.

Does Claire’s do Nose Piercings?

Claire’s has been offering piercing services for decades and is the perfect place to get your ears or nose pierced. The nose piercing service is available in the US, Poland, Hungary, Germany, France, UK, Switzerland, Portugal, and further various European locations. It offers professional-quality piercing with trained specialists to ensure the most convenient experience. 

Claire’s uses an innovative nose piercing system, a hand-pressured instrument that is different from the traditional gun used to pierce the nose and ears. The patented design of this system gives piercing specialists complete control over the process to deliver precise results.

The system also uses specially designed piercing studs in titanium which are packaged in sterilized cartridges loaded into the instrument without touching. 

What is the Cost of Nose Piercing at Claire’s?

You can get your nose pierced at Claire’s for free if you buy one of their nose piercing kits. These products are priced at $57/£32. These kits include a choice of stud and a bottle of aftercare solution that helps care for your piercing after it is done. You can choose from clear, rose, champagne, sapphire, and flat disc titanium studs to be put during piercing. 

The nose piercing jewelry can be changed after eight weeks with your choice of nose ring or stud. You can even upgrade your kit with the Rapid After-Care Cleanser that lets you change the piercing in only six weeks.

A stud with this cleanser costs $67. Apart from this, you can expect to pay an additional charge for cartilage piercing which varies based on the store. 

What is Claire’s Nose Piercing Age Policy?

While Claire’s is one of the best places for nose piercing, it is important to note that its piercing services are subject to age restrictions. You must be 16 years of age or above to get a nose piercing at Claire’s. In addition, anybody under the age of 18 years needs to be accompanied by a parent or guardian for a nose piercing. 

The age restriction for nose piercing may vary depending on your region, country, and type of piercing. To confirm your age, you may have to produce some form of identification like a passport, ID card, or driver’s license. It is best to contact the local Claire’s and ask about the age policy to get the required assistance for piercing. 

How is Nose Piercing Done at Claire’s?

Claire’s uses the latest technology and equipment, and hosts experienced specialists for piercing services at their stores. The trained professionals at Claire’s provide a touch-free experience using single-use cartridges. 

The equipment ensures a sterile, safe, and easy process without any use of a needle. The piercing specialists walk every customer through the process, from selecting the jewelry and positioning the piercing to explain the aftercare. 

Claire’s uses a high-quality, industry-leading system designed to provide a sterile piercing experience. The touch-free piercing instrument avoids any direct contact with the skin and uses single-use, disposable cartridges for optimum hygiene and minimum risk of infection.

The system depends on hand pressure for better control and precision. In addition, the automatic placement of the stud on the piercing reduces discomfort and allows for speedy healing. 

A titanium stud in your choice of color is put on the nose piercing during the process. You need to wait for at least eight weeks before changing your nose stud. Aftercare instructions are given to you at the store.

The kit includes a lotion that helps heal the area quickly and avoid any infection. After couple of days, If you find your nose ring smell bad, then you can visit a doctor to check it whether it’s infection or not.

What Piercings Claire’s Offers?

Claire’s has been offering a variety of piercing services for decades. Claire’s stores offer nose, ear, and cartilage piercing options.

You can also choose dual lobe piercing, where two specialists pierce your two ears at the same time. This service is perfect for those who are nervous about the piercing experience. Your ears are pierced in no time with minimum discomfort. 

Nose piercings and cartilage piercings are subject to age restrictions and are offered in select stores only, so you should contact the store near you beforehand. You can also find stores near you on Claire’s website and book an appointment online. 

Is Nose Piercing Painful?

Piercing cartilage is more painful than puncturing a soft part of your nose. However, most people getting their nose pierced report experiencing lesser pain than anticipated. Claire’s uses an innovative piercing system and has trained specialists to make the experience comfortable and easy. 

Following the piercing, you will likely experience mild discomfort, irritations, and redness for at least 3 to 4 weeks. However, this only lasts until the tissues heal completely, and because of this, it is often recommended to leave in-between gap piercings for options such as double-sided piercings.

Final Thoughts

Claire’s offers nose piercing services in select locations around the world. You can contact the nearest store or visit their website to find out if the service is available in your area. Claire’s is certainly one of the best places to get your nose pierced with minimum discomfort and pain. 

While many people are reluctant to get their piercings done at a department store, the retailer has decades of history and a reputation that precedes other dedicated shops and offerings. Claire’s further offers an extensive cleansing and aftercare kit to aid with the same.

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