Double Belly Button Piercing or Double Belly Piercing


What is Double Belly Button Piercing?

When the number of navel piercings is two, they are known as Double Belly button, Double Navel or Double Belly Piercing. Popular among pop stars, the double belly’s standard placement is 1/2” to 1” above the navel and below it. Due to its position, it is also sometimes referred to as top and bottom belly button piercing. It is a cool way to accentuate the flat stomach embellished with ornaments. The jewelry is placed in such a way that it enters the upper lip of the belly cavity and comes out of the lower one.

Double Belly Button Piercing Pictures
Double Belly Button Piercing Pictures

The procedure of Double Navel piercing (Bellybutton)

Visit an authentic body piercing parlor. The piercer will mark the two spots on the upper and lower lip of the navel after cleaning with an anti-bacterial liquid. A pair of perforations will follow using a hollow needle after that.


Pain Experience

Like other navel piercings, there will be a sharp pain during the process. It can hurt for some time after the piercing has finished and may bruise or swell for a couple of days. As the double perforation will follow one after the other, the twinge can be more. Keep calm and do not move too much while the puncture takes place as this may cause injuries resulting in sutures.

Vertical Belly Button Piercing Pictures
Vertical Belly Button Piercing Pictures

Healing Time

How long does a belly piercing take to heal?

The healing of a double belly can take anywhere between 6 to 12 months on average. The infection, however, can prolong the duration of recovery.

Double Belly Button Piercing Variations

  • Vertical piercing: When the two perforations are on the upper and lower lips of the belly button, it is called vertical double belly button piercing.
  • Horizontal Piercing: The perforations when placed on the left and right side of the naval cavity, it is termed as the horizontal double belly.
  • Top piercing: Both the piercing are at the top of the navel maintaining some distance between them, then they are Top piercings.
  • Combo/ Quad piercing: It is a blend of vertical and horizontal piercing. The perforations are vertically and horizontally aligned.

Aftercare: Double Belly Piercing

The belly button piercing care includes some mandatory steps, they are as under:


  • Soak a small piece of cotton in a warm saline solution and press it against the belly button.
  • Rinse the jewelry thoroughly while taking a shower.
  • Use clean towels to wipe the area.
  • Touch the piercings with clean hands only.
  • Eat a healthy and nutritious diet rich in vitamins B & C


  • Sleep on the side of the belly.
  • Wear tight clothes or so loose that they entangle in the jewelry
  • Apply cosmetics, creams, lotions or ointments in the affected
  • Go swimming in public pools or take a bath in bathtubs.
  • Play sports or other outdoor games.

Can you get piercings while pregnant?

A word of caution for pregnant women. Piercing your belly button during pregnancy is a complete NO. During this period the body undergoes some changes due to which the healing is not proper and therefore there is always a risk of infection and other complications.

Infections & Other complications

Cleaning the piercings for at least twice a day is mandatory to keep it free from infection. Swelling and redness are the early indications of contagion. Pain, itching, irritation, and pus discharge may follow after that. Use of poor quality jewelry can cause infections. There are other risks associated with jewelry rejection or migration too. Scarring can also be a possible drawback.

Double Belly Button Piercings Jewelry

The jewelry that flaunts double belly comes in a wide range. From beautiful dangles and bead rings to barbells and studs, there is a variety of ornaments that can adorn double navel piercings. Double belly button rings or the top & bottom belly button rings are specially made for these piercings. It is advisable to select a low reactive metal which is non-corrosive, and hypoallergic. Gold, Sterling silver, surgical steel, titanium, niobium, acrylic, etc. all are ideal choices.

Double belly piercings Cost

Well-known piercing salons can charge anywhere $40 and $100. The belly piercing prices can vary depending on the material choices and Parlor location, expertise, and reputation. Do not compromise with quality in order of cost-cutting.

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