Double Cartilage Piercing or Double Helix Piercing

Piercing ears or the Cartilage always fascinates people giving them a chance to decorate them, but to get variations and present an entirely different style statement. You have several choices to choose from. You can go for Helix, Orbital, Earlobe, Tragus, Rook, Conch, and Industrial piercing. They all are the types of cartilage piercings.  These piercings differ from each other due to the area of perforation.

Double Cartilage and Tragus Piercing
Double Cartilage and Tragus Piercing

What is Double Cartilage Piercing?

The ear is made up of cartilage which is an elastic tissue that gives it shape and keeps it in place. The perforation in the ear is generally known as Cartilage Piercing. It can be single, double or multiple piercings. There is not much difference in all three of them just the numbers vary. When the ear punches twice, it is known as Double cartilage piercing or Double Helix piercing.

Double Cartilage Piercing Earrings
Double Cartilage Piercing Earrings


You need to visit a ‘piercing studio’ to get the piercing.

  1. Piercer will make two marks where the punctures will follow. They can be close enough or far from each other as per your choice.
  2. He/she will make the area numb and then with a needle or piercing gun, he will make the punches.
  3. After piercing, he will carefully insert a long wire or the jewelry of your choice in it.
Double Cartilage Piercing Bar
Double Cartilage Piercing Bar

Double Cartilage Piercing Pain

Does it hurt?

Yes, it does, and the pain can be more in this case as there are two piercings. So you can experience a twang in them, and if you chose it to be on both your ears, it can be even more painful. Usually, it is advised to go for one ear at a time or at least keep a considerable gap as this will save you from the unbearable pain caused by the ache in both ears at the same time.

Double Cartilage Piercing Spiral
Double Cartilage Piercing Spiral


  • Keep the piercings clean and dry
  • Wash it with a warm saline solution
  • Do not rub or scratch the area as it will make it sore
  • Don’t touch them with unclean hands
  • While sleeping, sleep on the other side
  • Eat a diet rich in nutrition and vitamin C that helps in faster healing
  • Avoid taking alcohol and spicy food

Cartilage Piercing Healing Time

Usually, it takes three to four months for your fistula to get strong enough and not cause pain if it does not get contamination. The time may vary from one person to the other. If once the infection occurs, it may take longer for the healing process.

Double Cartilage Piercings
Double Cartilage Piercings

Do’s in case of infection

If the swelling persists for long, accompanied by redness and pain or if you find pus seeping out, it indicates that there is an infection. Here is a list of measures on how to mitigate the wound.

  • Do not touch the area or try to take off the labret, stud or ring whatever you adorn.
  • Mix some turmeric with mustard oil and make a lotion apply with clean hands.
  • Change your pillow cover daily.
  • Take advice from a doctor and follow his prescriptions.
Double Middle Cartilage Piercing
Double Middle Cartilage Piercing

Ornament for Double Helix piercing

As the painstaking piercing heals, you can choose the jewelry of your choice but it is advisable that you wear a thin wire initially, or something that is not too tight as that can spoil the wound. There are varieties of jewelry available, from ear cuffs to hoops, studs or rings. Just be careful in the metal selection, which should be such that it does not react with the atmosphere or your skin as reactive metals can lead to infections too.


The cost can be upto $20 to $50 per piercing, or $40 to $100 or so in total. It may vary with the type of jewelry chosen.

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