Double Ear Piercing

What is Double Ear Piercing?

Two piercings in any part of the ear which is connected by a jewelry are referred to as Double Ear piercing. The piercing combines any two piercing spots. The lobe and helix combination is quite common. What makes it different from the Orbital piercing is the distance between both the piercings. In the case of Orbital piercings, the holes remain very close to each other whereas in Double ear piercing this is not a limitation. The distance between the two perforations depends on the individual’s choice.

Katherine Langford’s ear cuffs with complementary chain can give you an idea of Double ear piercing. Olivia Holt & Lucy Hale are a step ahead in bringing out a new and unusual look with Long Pin earring designed by Kat Kim.

Procedure followed

  • Select an authentic piercing parlor with experience in all type of ear piercings.
  • Piercer will clean the area of the piercing.
  • He can also make the area numb to reduce the pain.
  • Mark the two spots for perforation.
  • Punch holes on the marks using a hollow needle or cannula.
  • Insert gold wire or stud in the perforations.

Pain Experienced

The two punches in the ear will hurt a bit. The earlobe punch hurts less than the one made on the cartilage. The skin pierces at two spots so pain can be a bit more than a single puncture. The pain lasts for about 3 to 5 days after the piercing. It also depends on the individual tolerance levels.

Double Ear and Helix Piercing
Double Ear and Helix Piercing | Double Ear Lobe Piercing

Healing Time

The overall healing takes different durations as the earlobe piercings heal in about six weeks whereas cartilage piercings take a bit longer in full recovery. Cartilage piercings take approximately twelve weeks to cure. Healing time also depends on the measures taken for aftercare.

Aftercare: Do’s & Don’ts


  • Touch the piercings with clean hands.
  • Dab the area using a cotton plug soaked in warm saline water.
  • Clean the piercing area gently and not vigorously.
  • Gently rotate the earring after applying an ear care solution.
  • Take dietary supplements rich in Vitamin B and C, it will quicken the healing process.
  • Use clean towels to dry the piercing area.
Double Ear Piercing Earrings
Double Ear Piercing Ideas | Double Ear Piercing Earrings


  • Do not use hairspray and hair color initially as the chemical can stimulate the nerves.
  • Avoid swimming or using bathtubs as they harbor bacteria that can cause infections.

Infection & Other Complications

If the swelling retains for long and pain does not go, there are chances that the piercing wound is infected. You can detect the contagion by the following signs.

  • Redness and bruising for an extended period.
  • Prolong swelling and itching.
  • Excessive pain and irritation.
  • Discharge of foul-smelling yellow fluid or Pus.

How to cure the infection?

Infections can undoubtedly increase the healing time, but following simple steps can help in faster recovery.

  • Clean the infected area using a cotton dipped in an antiseptic liquid.
  • Do not remove the jewelry as it will block the piercing.
  • Use warm saline water to wash the area.
  • Take the help of a doctor and follow his prescription for a stipulated

Jewelry for Double Ear piercings

There are different pieces of jewelry available for Double Ear piercings. Ear cuffs with a chain look quite elegant. Hoops of bigger sizes and CBRs are also typical to wear. If the look you are looking for is a bit different jewelry, then Safety pin shaped jewelry can also be apt.

Ears Double Pierced
Ears Double Pierced

Metal & Size of Jewelry

Be careful while choosing the metal of jewelry as a reactive metal is likely to cause irritation and itching. A new piercing adornment should be made up of noncorrosive and skin-friendly metals like surgical steel, Titanium, Gold, silver, Niobium, etc.

Size of jewelry depends on the distance between the perforations. The thickness should be such that it adjusts in the piercing and combats swelling.

Cost: Double ear piercing

Double Lobe Ear Piercing
Double Lobe Ear Piercing | Double Ears Pierced

The price of double ear piercing can vary with the choice of jewelry and location of the piercing parlor. Ideally, it can cost up to $40 to $60 per piercing.

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