Double Nose Piercing Opposite Sides

Nose piercing is a highly popular type of piercing people go for, just like ear piercing. It is also one of the hottest fashion trends these days. Celebrities, influencers, and others are seen adding it to their own style. 

Nose piercings can be done in different ways in different locations. However, double nose piercing is quite commonly preferred apart from the septum piercing and single nostril piercing. 

Today, we discuss the double nose piercing opposite sides and all you should know about it. 

What is Double Nose Piercing Opposite Sides?

As the name suggests, double nose piercing involves getting both the nostrils pierced to have piercings on opposite sides of the nose. Nostril piercing is linked to a practice followed in the ancient Indian and Nepalese cultures. 

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Women from these countries get their nostrils pierced following an Ayurvedic belief that piercing the left nostril helps ease the pain of menstruation and childbirth. Though research does not back this practice, it is widely accepted as a tradition in these countries. 

Nose piercing has become a fashion trend and is executed differently. Double nose piercing is a way to showcase boldness, uniqueness, and freedom of choice. Getting your nose pierced on opposite sides helps you stand out from the crowd and create your unique vibe. It symbolizes that you are bold and choose to live your life your way. 

How Much It Costs to Get Double Nose Piercings?

The prices of nose piercings can vary based on the location and service provider. However, the average cost of nostril piercing can range anywhere between $30 and $80, including the stud or ring you choose to place. 

This means double nose piercing can cost you somewhere around $60 to $150 depending on the place you select to get your nose pierced. Of course, the price you pay also depends on several other factors, including the equipment and method used for piercing. 

Is Double Nose Piercing Painful?

If you are planning to get both your nostrils pierced at the same time, you should stay prepared to bear some pain. Therefore, getting your nostrils pierced one after the other is advisable to make the process comfortable and painless. While every individual has a different pain threshold and reaction, nose piercings are generally not painful when done by professionals and specialists. 

You can expect to get a double nose piercing opposite sides in a painless, convenient manner if you choose a professional place for it. You should not try getting it done from somebody new at this if you want it done accurately. DIY methods of getting double nose piercings can turn out to be painful and risky, so you want to avoid them at all costs. 

How to Get Double Nose Piercings?

Talking about the implications of double nose piercing opposite sides, it is important to know that the process is somewhat lengthy. If you have already pierced one nostril, you can get a second piercing done easily without any waiting time. However, if you don’t have any, you might have to keep a waiting period between two piercings. 

Piercing on both sides of your nose simultaneously can be risky as nose piercings need about eight weeks to heal completely. It is essential to take care of your nose piercing through regular cleaning to avoid any infection. You should also not touch the piercing now and then during the time it is healing. 

Getting one nostril pierced at a time allows enough time for healing and reduces the risk of infection. The idea is to get one nose piercing and wait till it heals properly before getting your second piercing. This will make the process smooth, convenient, and painless and ensure success. 

Is Double Nose Piercing Beneficial?

Double nose piercing is known to have several benefits. It not only makes a style statement but also helps you stand out from the crowd and showcase a bold and unique look. Being a form of nostril piercing, it also brings ease for women during childbirth and menstruation. 

Many people believe that double nose piercing works as a natural remedy for respiration-related problems, particularly if you wear gold rings or studs on your piercings. Apart from this, double nose piercings are also known to regulate mental health by boosting focus and confidence. 

Do Double Nose Piercings Look Good?

While not everybody can confidently carry a double nose piercing, this type of piercings on opposite sides can help make a statement and add boldness to your look. 

A double nose piercing adds confidence to your personality and allows personalizing your style. You can pick identical nose studs and rings or styles with complementing accessories and do a lot more with your double nose piercing. 

Double Nose Piercing Healing Time

Following a nose piercing, you are likely to experience soreness, redness, and tenderness for at least 2 to 3 weeks before it completely heals. However, it is believed that the tissues’ complete healing takes nearly two months. 

With this, when it comes to double nose piercings, it is recommended to leave a gap of at least two months after the first piercing before going ahead with the second one. This can help prevent any major irritations and inflammations resulting from piercings in quick succession.

Final Thoughts

Double nose piercing on opposite sides are a common type of piercing women choose to get. Whether you are getting this piercing done for style or other benefits, remember not to get both nostrils pierced at once. 

Allow enough time for one nostril piercing to heal before getting the other one. Also, don’t compromise on the quality of your piercing; choose the most reputable and experienced place in your area to get your double nose piercings to avoid any complications. 

While it may sound simple, there is a lot that can go wrong regarding piercings. Allergic reactions, skin infections, tearing, and trauma are some of the risks and complications that you need to be aware of before going ahead.

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