Finger Piercing

What are Finger-Piercings?

A ring for a finger is a general thing that is common to all. Piercing finger to adorn jewelry on the skin is relatively a new concept. Shunning Wedding and engagement rings for something edgier. Piercings on any part of the fingers are termed Finger Piercings. It can be on the distal phalanx (that carries the nail), the middle or the proximal phalanx.

Different  Finger Piercing Pictures
Different Finger Piercing Pictures

The Risk associated

According to dermatologist Dr. Chris Kearney, it is not wise to get piercings on fingers due to their constant use in daily chores. The hands and fingers are prone to infections more than any part of the body.

Fingers have critical nerves, vessels, and tendons which if damaged due to piercings can cause numbness or defunct the finger. As it is a type of Dermal piercing that has one entry and one exit, the risk of migration and dislocation is quite high.

Procedure for Finger piercing

  • Select a licensed parlor with good experience in finger piercings.
  • The piercer will clean & mark a place on the finger to make a piercing.
  • With the help of a sterilized hollow needle or cannula, a hole or perforation in the finger takes place.
  • Insert a stud or barbell in the skin of the finger.

Types of Finger Piercings

Single piercing

It is a single perforation on the finger where a small stud engraves in the finger flesh. The stud can bear a stone that is visible and attracts a glance.

Multiple piercing OR Transverse Piercing

Piercing the finger in two or more two places can be called Multiple piercing. A barbell or ring can be adorned on it where it finds an entry from one transverse hole and exit at another.

Ring finger piercing

Piercing done on the ring finger is generally called Ring Finger piercing.

Middle Finger piercing

Piercing of the middle finger takes place in this type of finger piercing.

Finger Web piercing

Punching takes place in the loose skin between any two fingers. It has a high rate of rejection.

Pain Experience

The intensity of pain varies in finger piercings, people with a lesser threshold for pain tolerance can get more hurt otherwise it is mild pain. There can be swelling and redness in the area for a few days but it reduces with the passage of time.

Diamond Finger Piercing
Diamond Finger Piercing



  • Wash your hands before touching the piercing.
  • Dip a cotton ball in the warm saline solution and keep it on the perforation.
  • Rinse the perforated area with a mild soap while bathing.
  • Use clean towels to dry the skin near perforation.


  • Do not apply lotions, creams, or ointments on the piercings.
  • Do not wear gloves as they may rub against the pierced area.
  • Avoid wearing rings on the pierced finger.
  • Avoid smoking as holding a cigarette might irritate the piercing.

Healing Time

It can take up to a year for finger piercings to heal completely.

Infections & Complications

As the motion of the fingers is unavoidable, the healing process is delayed. It is also more prone to getting infected. Redness, swelling, excessive pain, and pus discharge near the pierced spot indicate an infection.

To cure the infection, take the help of a doctor. Follow the prescription and adopt a healthy diet that boosts up the healing process. Clean the area off pus and blood regularly as its accumulation can worsen the condition.

Finger Web Piercing
Finger Web Piercing

Jewelry for Finger piercings

Surface balls and curved barbells are favorites for these types of piercings. In transverse piercings, straight barbells are also an option. A thing to remember is that the hands and fingers are more likely to get irritated due to exposure so try to choose a jewelry metal that is noncorrosive or less reactive. Silver, Gold, Surgical Steel, and titanium fall in this category. Gems and stones can be an add-on to these.

Middle Finger Piercing
Middle Finger Piercing


An estimated cost of finger piercing can be anywhere between $50 to $100. It also depends on the choice of jewelry and piercing parlor.
If you are interested to read more about different Surface Piercing, we’ve got you covered.

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