Forward Helix Piercing or Anti-Helix Piercing

What is Forward Helix Piercing?

The helix is the outer rim of the ear whereas the front portion is k/a Forward Helix. A piercing on top of the front cartilage is k/a Forward helix piercing, Front Helix piercing or Anti helix piercing as it lies just opposite to the helix region. It is predominantly visible and easily noticeable.

Different types of Forward Helix piercing styles pictures
Forward Helix Piercing Jewelry | Forward Helix Piercing Pictures

Forward Helix Piercing Precautions 

  • Visit a good piercing studio or parlor. The piercing must be performed by a professional who has a license.
  • It is important to inform the piercing expert about the exact spot where one wants the piercing to be done. To avoid any kind of confusion, ask the professional to mark the exact spot that is to be pierced.
  • The piercing needs to be made with a sterilized needle and cannot be performed by a gun, as it cannot be sterilized. Moreover, forward helix piercing done by a gun is illegal as it can cause an infection and other health complications.
  • Remove hair strands that may come in the way of the piercing. The use of a gun may lead to shattering of the cartilage or collapse and deform the ear. This also have possibility of infections.
Double forward helix piercing

How is forward helix piercing done?


  • Firstly, the individual will have to sit on the chair and the equipment for the piercing will be brought out.
  • Demand for freshly sterilized equipment which needs to open in your presence.
  • Also, the professional who have to perform the piercing must wear sterilized gloves

The Process

  1. The professional will clean the forward helix with an alcohol wipe
  2. Markings will be made for the spot
  3. After finalizing the piercing spot, the piercer will sanitize the area.
  4. After that, the receiving tube will be used to hold the tissue in place for it to be punctured
  5. Next the professional will use a sterilized needle to make the piercing
  6. Once the piercing is over, clean the pierced area using a saline solution.

Forward Helix Piercing Pain

To reduce the pain some piercers use numbing cream for piercings like Dr Numb, which reduces pain to some extent during the process.

An experience of pain caused due to the piercing varies from person to person as different people have different thresholds of pain. Most people are of the opinion that forward helix piercing is more painful than other piercings. On a scale of 10, on an average people rate the level of pain  5-7, with 10 being the most painful.

Anti Helix Piercing Aftercare

Healing time

Ideally, a forward helix piercing takes about 8 to 12 weeks to heal. The healing time varies from one person to another as some people might take more time to heal as compared to others. The time also depends on regular cleaning and proper aftercare.

How to avoid any Forward Helix Piercing infection?

                                  DOs                                DON’Ts
  • Regularly clean the piercing for the first three weeks.
  • In the case of long hair, tie or clip it to avoid irritation and infections
  • Consult an expert or professional to get correct advice.
  • Use cleaning solutions suggested by the expert or professional piercer
  • Go for swimming while the wound is still healing.
  • Share products related to personal hygiene such as towels, soaps, etc.
  • Touch or scratch the piercing
  • Use bleaching products over the piercing
  •  Remove the jewelry from the piercing as it may block the gap and won’t allow the fluids to leave the area. This can cause a lump to form that is usually accompanied by pain.

How to Take Care of Infections?

  • In case the piercing catches an infection, proper aftercare swabs and piercing aftercare sprays are applicable to clean the piercing at regular intervals to avoid further infestation. But it is necessary to consult an expert before using any such products.
  • It is normal for people to experience a swollen ear or redness at the location of the piercing. It is best not to touch as dirty hands may worsen the situation.
  • The person must stop using medication such as Betadine, Tea tree oil, alcohol swabs and hydrogen peroxide to clean the piercing.
  • It is advisable that a person should not remove the piece of jewelry from the piercing as it causes a blockage and does not allow the fluid to leave the area causing pain and the formation of a lump.
  • It is a strict advice that the person must not continue wearing the jewelry and block the piercing if the pain is unbearable and the bleeding occurs.

Under all circumstances, the infected person must not self-medicate and consult a doctor to ensure correct treatment and the consumption of the necessary medicines suited for the infection.

Interesting facts about Forward Helix Piercing

This type of piercing is considered to be both strong as well as feminine and dainty. Even though it causes more pain as compared to the other piercings, the location is limited to a small area. Famous celebrities who have got a Forward Helix Piercing include Miley Cyrus, Emma Watson, Hillary Duff and Scarlett Johansson among others.

Different Types of Forward Helix Piercing

  • Single forward helix piercing: A single perforation done right at the top of the ear in the front portion is Single forward helix and the pain usually lasts for a few seconds.
  • Double Forward Helix Piercing: It is a kind of helix piercing that includes two perforations in the frontal helix area. It is better to avoid multiple piercings as the chances of infection might increase.
  • Triple Forward Helix Piercing: This involves 3 perforations made one after another in the forward helix area. The pain is usually more than the other types and costs more too. A labret stud or small hoop rings can be a preferred choice of jewelry.
Forward Helix piercing styles pictures
Single Forward Helix Piercing | Double Forward Helix Piercing | Triple Forward Helix Piercing

Forward Helix Piercing Jewelry

It is a suggestion that while getting a forward helix piercing, one must wear a bar instead of a hoop because bacteria can remain on the curve of the hoop. This might make it more susceptible to infections as compared to a bar. To avoid discomfort due to a straight bar digging into the ear, one may opt for a curved bar instead.


The cost of a forward helix piercing varies from one piercing studio to the other. Usually, it costs within the range of $30-90. Additional costs may add up depending on the jewelry a person chooses or the aftercare products that a person purchases on the recommendation of the piercing artist. Also, multiple piercings will cost more than the above-mentioned price.

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