Hip Piercing or Hip Dermal Piercing

Not everyone gets the point of enduring pain to stick a piece of jewelry in their body. It is not everybody’s cup of tea. Those who get piercings do it for the sheer love of it. It seems unlikely to some but they have their own reasons. As they say, to each his own. Anyway, the point is that piercing is kind of popular these days.

People are experimenting with their bodies, getting creative with different types of piercing, and discovering new places to get them down. The recently added location in the list is hip piercing or butt piercing which is quite a hit with the youngsters. Flaunt it or hide it, this is definitely one of those few piercings that make someone’s jaw drop.

Hip Dermal Piercing
Hip Dermal Piercing Image

What is Hip Piercing?

Hip piercings is held in the pelvic region of the body above the pelvic bone which is not really the hip but the lower abdomen part of the body. Usually, people get hip piercings in pairs for aesthetic purposes but you get more than 2 hip piercings too, all placed to fit your curves. Low-waist jeans, bathing suits, and cut-off tops show off the piercings the best. Although it’s not as dangerous as the other piercings people experiment with, it certainly needs a lot of consideration; any modification to the body does. Both sexes find the piercing attractive and thus, there is no gender bias as far as hip piercings are concerned.

Surface Barbells Hip Piercing
Surface Barbells Hip Piercing

 Hip Piercing procedure

Choosing a studio that performs hip piercing with great measure is a task. You need to look for an expert that is skilled in this kind of piercing and interrogate him to convince yourself he is the ideal one. Ask him all the questions you have in your mind in an interview before the piercing is scheduled and even when you are there. You have to be mentally prepared for it because it is going to hurt.

  • Before the hips are pierced, the area would be cleaned and marked for entry and exit points.
  • Now, this is an important part so make sure you pay attention. He needs to wear gloves, use sterilized equipment and mark the areas after consulting with you.
  • Generally, hip piercings include either dermal anchor piercing way or surface piercing way. A dermal anchor uses a dermal punch to carry out the process and is faster than the surface piercing which follows multiple steps. Also, this new procedure reduces the risk of rejection and poor placement and even the trauma is way less in this method.
  • A barbell made of Tygon, bioplast, or Bioflex is the most flexible jewelry and deemed appropriate for this kind of piercing.

In all, it will take a few minutes to get this done but these few minutes would be crucial to your body. Your expert should tell you how to take care of it, it is his duty to. If you want to save all the trouble of infections and rejections, follow all the instructions properly and don’t take anything lightly.

Different Hip Piercing Jewelry Pictures
Different Hip Piercing Jewelry Pictures

Hip Piercing: Precautions

Hip piercings have high risks of migration or rejection because the area is prone to a lot of movement. Proper aftercare is the only option you have left if you want your piercing to stay longer. Failing to provide good care to your hip piercing makes the body heal itself and push out the jewelry. Not only does it leave a permanent scar but can injure too. After all, the jewelry is a foreign object to the body and it is only trying to protect yours from unwanted intrusions.

It is for the same reason that people are unable to retain the piercing for more than a few months. Make sure you talk to your piercer about the same. He will be able to tell you about the risks and reactions of the body better. Everyone always advises piercing lovers to only go to an experienced piercer because using healthy piercing techniques can still make the experience worth it.

Hip Dermal Piercing Aftercare

Most of the aftercare tips of the surface piercings are the same. The basic idea is to keep the wound clean until it heals. It includes saving the piercing from any disturbance and dirt as much as possible. To make it infection free clean the area twice a day with saline solution. Alcohol and antibacterial soaps cause irritation so it will be better to avoid them. The salt solution is best as it is homemade and serves the purpose perfectly. But before you touch or allow anyone else to, make sure the hands are properly clean or it might lead to infection.

You don’t have to always wear clothes that show it off. During the daytime, it is actually better to keep it covered to protect it from germs. However, don’t wear clothes that would rub against it and disturb it. Loose clothes are preferable. Another problem that increases the chances of infection is sweating. It is always handy to have an aftercare spray – saline cleanser natural recovery solution. 

The expert will let you know the Dos and Don’ts in detail. You need to follow his/her advice with precision because s/he does know best.

Microdermal Hip Piercing
Microdermal Hip Piercing

Hip Piercing: Jewelry & Cost

Hip piercing is not meant as extreme as genital or nipple piercing, still, it is unconventional. Depending on the location of the studio and the experience of the expert, the cost could be anywhere from $15 to $40. It may include the cost of the jewelry or it might not. In any case, they provide stainless steel jewelry. You can ask for different jewelry made of something else but it will add up to the cost. Also, if you want to get two hips pierced, you’d have to pay for the other hip separately.

When it comes to the jewelry, a barbell or Tygon medical/ Surgical Tubing (silicone) works best as they don’t pressurize the piercing compared to others and provide more mobility during movements. Your piercer would definitely tell you not to change the jewelry before the piercing has healed properly. And when the time comes, disinfect the new jewelry before inserting it in.

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What considerably cuts the cost is the homework you do before deciding on any studio. Check prices of different studios, and compare and visit them individually to see if they practice hygienic piercings. It is always advised that you should not pick the cheapest of the lot because they might compromise on healthy practices. But however pricy it might be, don’t try it at home in order to save a few bucks.

Thank you for reading til the end! Hopefully, this article helped you with your decision rather to go ahead or not with a hip piercing. Good luck!

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