How to Hide A Septum Piercing? Your Ultimate Guide

Septum piercing adds edginess, flair, or individuality to your entire appearance. It can be large, little, extravagant, or traditional.

Do you, on the other end, need to conceal your septum piercing for a profession, schooling, or other reasons? No worries!

The way to maintain the septum piercing hidden from sight is a distinct feature. You don’t have to be concerned about your septum piercing, as there are just a few simple ways of helping you hide it.

This article will show you a few simple ways how to hide a septum piercing.

I recently received my piercing. Could I conceal it?

For individuals who are already inside the 6-8 week healing window, you must prefer to prevent twisting or handling your nasal septum.

Discomfort, inflammation, and edema may result from such acts. If at all possible, avoid contacting the septum unless it becomes absolutely necessary.

However, you can utilize a few of the other ways provided and just think about it.

If you need to turn, request a professional piercer to assist you since they are trained to go through it securely. You should avoid this technique because it will aggravate your fresh septum piercing.

What To Do If The Freshly Pierced Septum Needs Hiding?

You often want any piercing to be visible when you just get it, although not every venue permits it.

You shouldn’t have to switch your newer one; alternatively, try something else, like such a short stubby gem. This one will go unnoticed.

This should take someone getting incredibly close near you to notice that you get a septum piercing. The tiniest ring on the sale would be roughly 16g, which will be very thin and then almost undetectable.

If you wish to disguise the diamonds with glitters, don’t take these. Eventually, once you don’t mind flaunting it, you can use sparkling gemstones.

Other Simple Tips To Help Hide Your Septum Piercing

1. Your Septum Jewelry Should Be Flipped Up

This involves rotating your septum jewelry back into the nose until it is hidden. Since it can aggravate the skin, resulting in damage and tearing that can lead to complications, this approach is not advised for recent piercings or even during recovery.

Once your septum piercing has recovered, you may try this method by wearing roughly circular jewelry such as twisted barbells to hide your piercing.

Because everyone’s physiology is unique, it might or might not suit everybody, and with each and every type of septum jewelry.

2. Use A Septum Retentor

A septum retainer seems to be an accessory that is intended to be worn inside the nose rather than dangling decoratively.

It’s a smaller item of jewelry, typically composed of crystal, metal, platinum, and even acrylic, with a tighter fit. The majority of clips can be turned downwards and have shown if wanted.

Septum piercings are typically done with a horseshoe or round barbell, so if you really need to conceal it while it heals, retention is a better option.

If you desire a septum retainer, tell your piercer to realize it before your piercing.

3. Using A Skin Tone Matching Tape

You would not want to injure your septum throughout this period since it will enlarge. That is also why one shouldn’t handle or replace the diamonds because they will irritate your skin.

Some people hide their septum using tape that matches the color of their skin. Nobody will ever inform you that you need a septum gem if you do this. Whenever it comes going to wipe the septum, be prepared to detach the tape.

4. Make Use of Makeup

Your closest pals here seem to be concealers as well as foundation. It’s crucial to apply within both colors that are a great fit for your complexions, rather than the somewhat lighter tone of foundation you might have about beneath your eyes. Full-coverage formulations will also help.

However, irrespective of whether any piercing is new or cured, you need to avoid applying makeup immediately to or just outside since this can lead to irritation.

How Often Could A Septum Be Flipped?

Have your nose pierced or flipped up for nearly three weeks after taking it pierced. Just after the first piercing, moving it down and up regularly can aggravate it as well and pose problems.

Is It Possible To Hide A Calf Ring Piercing?

A septum piercing is a piercing that runs through your nostrils at the end of your nose. After a few seasons, one can use a retention ring where you can switch back inside your nostril to disguise the piercing.

If you want a more seamless effect, use a clipped bandage over the base of any piercing before putting on any makeup.

You Could Choose Piercings That Are Simple To Conceal

If you’re thinking about getting a nose piercing but seem to be concerned about losing to cover it all up in certain situations, look for something that’s concealable without using any of the aforementioned techniques and tactics.

A septum nose band, for instance, could be inverted, slid slightly up both nostrils, and concealed behind the septum’s tissue.

A smiley or inner foreskin piercing upon that tissue flap connecting anything inside your top lip towards the upper gum could be rotated within your lips as well as hidden beneath your upper lip.

If you do have the expertise to style your hair, you may easily conceal any eyebrow piercing using bangs or fringe.

Remember These Suggestions

Because the piercing is fragile and therefore you would not want to taint it, sanitize those hands of yours and then use antiseptics anytime you touch it.

This is important to remember when needing a new puncture considering germs in your fingertips can also cause illnesses.

Aftercare is critical for one’s septum to heal quickly. It is recommended to be cleaning your piercing using such deionized water. This should, in essence, be among the simplest ways to conceal a new septum.

Make cleaning both ends of your septum a daily habit, particularly if indeed the piercing may still be relatively fresh.

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Wrapping Up

Often these piercings require tape or removal to be concealed, while septum piercings are much more forgiving. Thoroughly clean your hands already when you handle any septum piercing. Before altering or turning up any great jewelry on such a recent septum incision, one must wait 6-8 weeks. If you need to conceal your piercing before that, though, experts advise seeing your piercer to let it be moved or changed to a retainer to prevent aggravation and contamination.

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