Labret Piercing or Bottom Lip Piercing

What is Labret piercing?

The labret is one form of body piercing. It is usually on the lower lip and therefore called as Bottom lip piercing or Under lip piercing. It is also sometimes referred to as ‘tongue pillar’ or ‘soul patch’ piercing. Although the history of labret piercing is unknown, it is believed to be popular among people residing in the coastal region of North-West America, as late as 2500-3000 years back to display their tribal lives such as prosperity, position in society and their status. Classification of these piercings is facial piercing or oral piercing.

Types of Labret piercing

Different types of Labret Piercing
Different types of Labret Piercing

Vertical Labret piercing (Vertical Lip piercing)

Vertical labret piercing is the one that commonly passes from the lip. One other dissimilarity is, it goes with the curved barbell that fit the natural physiology. One of the beads is at the upper part whereas another sits on the lower part of the lip. If it is done in the middle portion of the lip then it is known as Middle lip piercing or Middle bottom lip piercing.

Horizontal Labret piercing

Horizontal lip piercing is a type of piercing that goes through the thickest portion of the lip. So the beads placement is next to each other. As the lip tissue is more delicate than facial skin, the piercing may be a bit more painful.

Side Labret piercing

It is a piercing in which one bead places underneath the lower lip like labret, but the only difference is that it’s on either extreme left or right side of the rim instead of the center.

Procedure Followed

  • Select a piercing parlor that is APP certified.
  • The piercer begins by cleaning the area thoroughly and disinfecting it by using some antibacterial liquid.
  • After this, the piercer will carefully mark the area where the piercing is intended.
  • He/she will clamp the lower lip for better visibility and steadiness.
  • He/she will then quickly but carefully insert the hollow needle.
  • Finally, the jewelry will insert and fastened.
  • Clean the area if there is any blood coming out of the piercing hole.

Pain experienced in Bottom Lip Piercing

The pain is not too much as compared to other facial or oral piercing. A pinch is likely to be experienced during the process. However as the skin of lip is more delicate than other parts of the face, it can hurt a bit more. There can be swelling in the initial phase accompanied by a feeling of tightness. It depends on the individual pain tolerance capacity, mood, and health during piercing.

Healing Time

A labret piercing takes about six to ten weeks to repair. However, tissues inside the tunnel will take about nine months to heal the inner wall before getting toughened up and regenerated.

While the time scale is a rough average, it is difficult to predict the actual time of healing, and it vastly depends on the aftercare observed by the individual. Infection can prolong the healing period.

Aftercare: Do’s & Don’ts


  • Clean the inside of the mouth with mouthwash
  • Dab the piercing area with a cotton plug soaked in the warm saline solution.
  • Clean the outside of mouth and piercing.
  • Brush at least twice a day with a soft toothbrush
  • Eat slowly and carefully. Try to eat soft food or take the liquid
  • Take stuff like ice-cream, yogurt, pudding. Cold food can help in reducing swelling.
  • Suck on small pieces of ice that will relieve from pain and swelling both.


  • Do not touch the piercing with dirty hands.
  • Do not have chewing gum or other sticky or spicy food items.
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol and smoking.

Risks associated with Labret piercings

The most frequently addressed lip piercing problems include excessive swelling, infection, red piercing bumps and scars. Apart from these risks, some people can also experience Tooth scar, Tooth drift, Gum damage, and embedding. Embedding is avoidable by using a large piece of jewelry initially that doesn’t get engulfed by the lip.

Lower lip piercing Infection: Symptoms & Cure

Infections may occur if the piercings do not get adequate aftercare. If you are not quick enough to detect a contagion, it can get severe.

Symptoms of an Infection

  • Extreme redness in the piercing
  • Severe swelling that doesn’t disappear instead increases slowly and makes eating, drinking or talking difficult.
  • Severe pain (only a mild twinge feeling during piecing)
  • Harsh rashes or reactions are appearing around the piercing area.
  • Excessive itchiness in the piercings.
  • Discharge of Pus and blood.

Cure or Remedy

  • Clean the infected area using a clean cotton plug soaked in saline water or some antibacterial liquid.
  • Do not remove the jewelry as it will block the piercing hole.
  • Consult a physician for medical help and care.
  • Follow the prescription for the stipulated time.

Jewelry for a Bottom Lip piercing

A variety of options are available for Lip piercings. Studs of different shape and sizes, vertical labret jewelry, rings with beads or diamonds, curved or straight barbells are all adornments of lip or labret piercings. The size of jewelry should be large initially to keep the piercing aerated and avoid embedding.

Cost: Labret lip piercing

Labret piercing can cost from $40 to $65. The price can vary with the choice of jewelry and piercing parlor.

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