Nose Piercing: Ultimate Guide

What is nose piercing?

Perforation on the cartilage tissue of the nose is called a Nose piercing. It is a part of convention and tradition in the East.

Bedouins, Beja, and Berber tribes of the Middle East and Africa are noted to have these piercings for ages. An individual whose attitude and spirit are untamed is likely to get this piercing.

Nose piercing’s meaning in some communities is different as they believe it to be effective in reducing menstrual pain. It is somehow now desirable among folks in the west too, and people are opting for different forms of nose piercings to reveal their personality just by a look.

These piercings accentuate the nose and make it more appealing. Wearing a nose stud or a ring brings out something different from an individual’s personality. But before getting the nose pierced, you should get to know all the nose piercing pros and cons.

Nose Piercing Types

The names depend on the part of the nose getting the piercing. The different variations are:

Different NOSE Piercings Pictures

Different Piercings Pictures


The first thing to do while going for a piercing is to find a suitable piercing parlor that maintains a germ-free surrounding. Do not try nose piercing at home on your own.

  1. Piercer will put on sterile gloves and clean the area for future piercings with an antibacterial solution.
  2. Decide where you want the nose piercing, left or right. He will then mark the spots where he will insert the hollow needle to make the perforation.
  3. The jewelry will then be set in its place.

If you are thinking to get the piercings with a hoop, it is probably not a wise idea because healing can take more time. If you want an idea on how to pierce your nose at home? Then it is advice to not try piercing your own nose. Do call a piercing expert for a visit at your place rather than doing it yourself.

Nose Piercing Pain

A question that is likely to strike your mind is how much does a nose piercing hurt? So folks, be prepared as it hurts a great deal while getting a piercing on the nose. The pain also depends on the location which is getting the perforation.

Undoubtedly the pain is more than that of the earlobe or the ear piercing. The needle ought to go through relatively thicker and firmer tissue and can make the eyes watery. The piercing pain lasts for days or even a couple of weeks. If it gets intolerable, you can have ibuprofen for some relief.

Nose Piercing Healing Process & Time

There might be a question that is likely to pop up in your mind, ‘how long does a nose piercing take to heal?’

Well, the healing time is different depending upon the location of the piercing.

  • Nostril piercing usually takes 4-6 months to heal whereas it is about 6-8 weeks in the case of septum piercing to heal.
  • Vertical nose tip or Rhino piercing takes 6-9 months to recover.
  • Bridge piercings are somewhat faster when it comes to recovery taking 8-12 weeks.
  • Nasallang piercing, however, takes 4-6 months to repair completely.

So, the healing time depends on the type and part on which you get a piercing. When your nose bump is gone and there is no swelling or pain in the area you can understand that the piercing is healed.

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Nose Piercing Aftercare: Do’s & Don’ts

It is necessary to observe proper care to keep it free from infections. Here are some tips that you need to follow if you have questions like how to clean a nose piercing or how to take care. Let’s get started.


  • Buy Recovery Piercing after Spray or H2O Ocean to make the area of piercing bacteria-free. Spray on both sides.
  • Cleanse the area with a sea salt solution using a cotton swab.
  • Remove the crust which forms on jewelry. It is dried lymph secretion.
  • Eat a healthy diet that accelerates healing.
  • While cleaning the region, be gentle.
  • Wear or take off clothes carefully while preventing them from tangling with jewelry on piercings.


  • Twist, turn, play, or fiddle with your jewelry.
  • Apply antibacterial ointment, alcohol-containing liquids, or hydrogen peroxide to the perforations.
  • Change jewelry in the first four months.
  • Avoid going swimming in public pools.
  • Touch the perforation with dirty hands.
  • Apply any cream or cosmetics in the area.

How to clean a nose ring?

For cleaning the nose ring use the same h2o solution or saline solution that you used for cleaning the pierced area.

When can you change your nose ring?

Piercers recommend not to change your septum piercing before eight weeks and nose ring before four months. This mitigates the risk of Infection. Do not remove your jewelry in the initial stages else the piercing hole will close.

Infection & other complications

Like any other piercing, it is prone to infections as it is the organ that facilitates respiration. It is moist and therefore a suitable place for bacteria to grow. Cleaning the piercing area regularly is therefore necessary.

Nose piercings also carry the risk of Perichondritis. How do you know that your nose piercing is infected? Below is a list of symptoms that indicate infection and its remedies.

nose piercing healing process pictures
Infected nose piercing



  • A lump or bump appears near the piercings.
  • Reddening and swelling around the piercing area.
  • The problem facing breathing and toughness in nasal tissue.
  • Bruising and bleeding in the piercings.
  • Seeping out of Pus from the perforation.


  • Clean the area off the pus or blood using the sea salt solution.
  • Do not try to remove the jewelry as it will clog the piercing.
  • Use clean towels and handkerchiefs to wipe the infection area.
  • Consult a physician or doctor and follow his prescription.

How to clean a nose piercing infection?

Jewelry for Nose piercings

A wide variety of jewelry choices are available for nose piercings.

Nose studs, nostril screw, Straight barbell, curved barbell, captive bead ring, L-shaped nose pin, double nose ring, nose hoop, horseshoe, and fishtail are all wearable in nose piercings

The gauge should be broader for initial jewelry to combat swelling or bumps that appear in the piercing area.

The ideal material is Gold, Platinum, surgical steel, acrylic, bio-plastic, sterling silver, and titanium, depending on individual choice.

Brass jewelry is usually not suitable if you are getting the nose pierced for the 1st time as they are reactive and can cause irritation.


If you don’t want to undergo piercing pain in your nose but want to embellish it with jewelry, there is an option for you nowadays.

The fake nose studs, fake rings, and fake nose hoops are all designed well to serve your purpose. Faux nose rings and magnetic studs will not let people know whether you have an actual piercing.

How to make a fake nose ring?

How much does a Nose Piercing Cost?

The fee generally depends on complexity, location jewelry, number, and parlor where you get the piercings. The standard price is somewhere between $25 -$100.

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