Septum Piercing

A septum piercing, which went into the soft tissue of your noses and was once exclusively shown on the punk kids and cartoon bulls, has grown increasingly widespread, partly thanks to celebrities donning them.

Septum piercing is among the most typical nose piercings, usually done below the tip of your septum tissue, which would be the straight barrier across your nostrils.

Have you considered acquiring one for yourself? Here’s everything about septum piercings (things to know).

What Exactly Are Septum Piercings? 

septum piercing is a distinctive item that could also add a touch of sparkle or flair to your complete image. It’s a flexible piercing that may enable you to convey many aspects of who you are. 

 ‘A septum piercing seems to be a puncture which goes through into the lower part of the nose in between both nostrils,’ says Laura Bond, a jeweler. ‘A cylinder or perhaps a roughly circular ring is commonly used to penetrate it. 

You could go large as well as bold, small or relatively classic, or grunge with that too. It’s also simple to hide from anybody else you would rather not see it.

If you want to start something different and pierce your nose, there may be a few considerations before doing so. When considering a septum piercing, there are several important considerations to ponder.

A History Of Septum Piercings 

As per the chronicles of civilization, women and men traditionally wore jewelry as a symbol of wealth and aesthetics.

Septum piercing jewelry reflects the contrary side of the scale, ranging from wearing little pearls to depict grieving sobs throughout Victorian England to adorning a ring to signal an individual is married.

Many people wear jewelry in numerous pierced anatomical structures, unaware of even grasping its meaning or origin.

The more frequent body part penetrated for jewelry seems to be the ear. The prevalence of septum piercing was increasing when this was formerly uncommon.

Indians and other warrior civilizations first utilized septum piercing jewelry, but individuals from all walks of life have now adopted it. A bull-ring piercing is another name for a septum piercing.

The Indians have a rich heritage and culture and have no qualms about expressing themselves. They also have no reservations about accessorizing themselves with jewels.

Many Northern American Indian groups were the first to use septum nose rings, but the habit has since traveled to certain other nations around the globe. Septum rings were also worn by Shawnee chiefs as well as the individuals of the Solomon Islands as well as New Guinea.

The Asmat tribe from Irian Jaya utilized huge thick bone inserts carved from the tibia bones of adversaries slaughtered in conflicts or perhaps the leg bones from swine as septum ornaments.

Depending on the society and the bearer, piercing the septum could still have a lot of meaning. Therefore, a bone throughout the septum had been worn as a piece of jewelry to give a strong image.

Aboriginals employed septum piercings to enhance their appearance by flattening the nose with something like a long bone. Warrior tribes are particularly fond of septum rings.

In the past, tribes had varying piercing ages, which may be as young as nine.

The ring is considered a badge of honor by most North American tribes after just a full recovery from such a soul-searching outdoor expedition. The septum piercing served as a symbol of their accomplishment and a new beginning in masculinity.

The piercing of these skin holes became associated with rebel ethnic communities, including the punk music phenomenon, significantly later and is now considered a symbol of defiance. However, the piercing fad is now being followed by almost everyone.

The Septum Piercings Popularity Growth At Present

It’s no surprise that most of the favorite celebs have gotten septum piercings from over ages, featuring 162,000 monthly average inquiries, including over a million Instagram hashtags.

Septum piercings had now become a significant trend when Jessica Biel stepped out in 2013 with such a sleek and simple septum ring, accompanied by celebrities such as Rihanna and FKA Twigs, who’s already considered this one a vital element of her appearance.

It’s still holding strong after nearly seven years. With Zendaya until Zoe Kravitz, everybody has worn a fake or real septum piercing, and the quantity is really only continuing to develop throughout the months ahead.

What Must You Learn About Septum Piercings Before Getting One?

Before getting a piercing, it’s often a good idea to do some research and ask for guidance. A professional advises, “Always hire a reputed piercer.”

Your piercer must spend time discussing your piercing with you, including what you should expect and also the type of jewelry individuals insist on wearing once it’s mended.

Start taking care of it just like any other piercing, mainly while this heals, and avoid knocking it when wearing or cleaning make-up.

Advice that is somewhat lesser practical but more uplifting is really welcome. Everyone looks great with septum piercings! ,’ says a professional piercer. It’s a piercing that can be used for a variety of purposes.

If you have a work that just doesn’t permit piercings or get into a scenario in which the piercing needs to be disguised, you can conceal these with a complete hoop or switch to something like a ringed barbell. Simply hide it. This allows people to express themselves more freely!

What Is The Procedure For A Septum Piercing?

After you’ve picked your piercer, you’ll be requested to submit identification and fill out forms, along with consent.

Once you’re prepared, they’ll cleanse the region around your nostrils while also relaxing in a lounger or on a board.

Based on the piercer, the treatment can be performed in a variety of ways.

They could use:

  • Only a needle, often known as freehand, is used.
  • A needle with forceps helps keep the nostrils up
  • A reception tube is a tubular structure that maintains the flesh solely on a single end and then accepts the needle as this passes over on another.

The jewelry is placed into your opening as the needle is drawn out.

Although the process may differ, hygienic and regulatory precautions should ensure consistency which would include the following:

  • Having to put on fresh plastic gloves by the piercer
  • The insides between both nostrils are completely cleansed.
  • The needles and associated equipment are removed from sealed containers and wrapped by the piercer.
  • From inception to final, the process requires barely a moment or two.

Is A Septum Piercing Excruciating?

When it means getting one septum piercing, using a scissor gadget used as a stencil to assist the needles is the toughest and perhaps most painful part. The metallic device pinches a great deal as well as causes discomfort.

After choosing a hoop for oneself, usually a band or perhaps a horseshoe, based on whether you wish to disguise the piercing, your piercer would queue up such equipment in your nostrils before injecting the needles, containing contains a plastic straw to hold the space filled.

The plastic casing will be scrapped and replaced by your ring after everything is completed.

This would make you cry. The receptors in the nose somewhat make you cry for some reason.

Since It Hurts, How Much Do These Piercings Hurt?

A piercing is just that: a piercing. The skin is broken. Everybody’s tolerance level is varied, but undergoing a septum piercing will hurt no regardless of who you are or even how well or how much pain you could take.

A piercer having numerous decades of work expertise explains, “It’s fairly much like a standard nose piercing.” “It appears like you’ll have to blow,” she continues, “or just like when you do get smacked right in the face and one’s eyes flood for something like a fraction of a second.”

It is emphasized that it would be difficult to do so from the viewpoint of a piercer because there would be a specific region in which you must get beneath the cartilage.

Is Septum Piercing for Everyone?

Almost, however, consider that just about every nose is distinctive. For example, the columella, a small section of fatty tissue that rests next to the bones, is not present throughout each septum.

Piercers are using that piece of flesh as the “sweet spot” for septum piercings. The piercer will go through the tissue if it’s slender or undetectable, but it stings more often and takes time to recover.

Your piercing will not be aligned if you are a perfectionist for aesthetics but also have a crooked septum. It’s not a major deal for most people, but this can be for others.

Is Breathing Going To Be Impacted By Septum Piercings?

Your respiration would be the most affected when the septum piercing heals. The path is one’s airways are narrowed because both noses and nostrils swell following the puncture.

This is temporary in nature and therefore does not prevent you from breathing entirely.

The piercing causes an impediment in your nose, which restricts your breathing slightly, but even if you have large, hefty piercings just on the tip of your nose, you will not experience this, and it would not affect your daily life following your piercing.

Time to Heal & Aftercare

The septum piercing consumes a lot of time to heal, taking 6 to 8 months on average. However, the hoop can be changed there at 6 to 8-week period.

After three weeks, the soreness and inflammation are mostly gone. You’ll sanitize your nose frequently during the whole healing period, particularly at the beginning.

This can be accomplished by holding tiny cups of lightly salted water down to your nostrils and spraying water once per minute or by pushing warm salt water-soaked cloth against the nose’s interior, lasting for approximately a minute.

Is There A Scar From A Septum Piercing?

A septum piercing has a hidden “advantage.” If you consider removing your accessories and allowing the hole to close, there is no significant visible mark.

When queried what kind of mark a septum piercing remains behind, one specialist laughs, “Life causes a scar.” “Every piercing leaves a scar.

What Metal Is The Best To Use?

Most piercers start with surgical stainless steel (SSS) studs since they are safe and affordable.

Initial piercings should be made of all the other metals, which according to the Association of Professional Piercers (APP):

1. Stainless steel for surgery

It should just be alright for the nasal septum if it’s strong enough to have been placed in your body through surgery!

Professional stainless steel is tough, nonporous, and generally nonabsorbable, with a low nickel extraction yield. However, it includes nickel and how it is prepared, which offers protection for persons allergic to nickel.

However, somebody with a significant nickel sensitivity may experience a response to SSS, through which platinum would be the better option.

2. Titanium

Some other metal utilized in implantable devices includes titanium.

Because it’s susceptible as well as appropriate for everybody, piercers frequently prescribe it, particularly for first piercings. This is the best option for persons with a significant nickel allergy.

The sole disadvantage is rather this is more costly.

3. Niobium

Niobium is comparable to titanium and can be quite perfectly safe.

The main distinction is that it lacks any implant-grade classification, indicating that it has not been authorized for surgical installation, which isn’t a big concern in this situation. It’s also more substantial than titanium.

In terms of price, it is more expensive than SSS but quite less expensive than titanium.

4. Solid 14-karat gold or higher

If you want a gold septum piercing, make sure it’s 14 carats or above.

It can sometimes be yellow, white, or even rose gold, as long as it’s solid gold rather than gold-plated and gold-filled. Not only would those comprise nickel-based alloys, but somehow the coating could also wear off with time.

Pure gold piercings remain, unsurprisingly, more costly than some other materials.

What About The Type Of Jewelry?

You can choose from much fabulous jewelry even after you’ve fully recovered. However, you must keep the first piercing, typically a 14- or 16-gauge hoop, spherical barbell, or even horseshoe.

Discuss your alternatives as well as any worries you have had with your piercer, as some designs may be ideally adapted to a particular scenario than most others.

For illustration, the horseshoe style is ideal if someone wishes to conceal your piercing at the workplace.

Are There Any Inherent Risks To Take Into Account?

Actually, quite a few. Your danger is considerably reduced if your septum is pierced by such a knowledgeable and recognized practitioner.

Consider the following risks involved:

1. Allergic responses 

Some piercing jewelry, particularly those made of nickel, might trigger allergic responses in some persons. Make careful to tell the piercer if you have any sensitivities.

2. Infections

Bacteria may be entering your body through skin perforations, causing infection.

Redness, inflammation, discomfort, and mucus or leakage are all possible side effects. That’s why keeping the healing area clean and observing the maintenance guidelines is critical.

3. Hematoma in the septum

If somehow the piercing affects blood flow and the tissues surrounding the septum, blood might accumulate between the two, resulting in a so-called septal hematoma. Pain, edema, tension, or obstruction may result.

4. Bloodborne infections

Unsterilized needles risk transmitting bloodborne infections such as HIVhepatitis B and C, and tetanus. Demand on such a new, sterilized needle from your piercer.

5. Scarring

Since septum piercings aren’t noticeable, bruising isn’t an issue from an aesthetic point of view.

Scars, including extra loose skin, also known as keloids, can really be unpleasant.

6. Tearing

Your jewelry could’ve been trapped or ripped out, depending on what type of jewelry you’re sporting.

What Should I Do After Getting My Septum Pierced?

To avoid infection and perhaps other issues, proper aftercare becomes essential.

Your piercer would give you special aftercare recommendations, but here are some important dos as well as don’ts to remember:

  • DO NOT touch it since the longer you leave it alone, the longer it will take to heal.
  • If you’ve been touching this or going to sanitize it, make sure your hands are clean first of all to prevent unwanted bacteria.
  • If possible, wait till it’s totally healed before flipping it up.
  • If you really need to shift it, first wash it along with hot water to do so, loosen the excess thick layer and minimize bruising or harm.
  • DON’T use ethanol as well as hydrogen peroxide-based solutions, and steer clear of soaps featuring abrasive compounds like salt or related compounds.
  • DO NOT overclean this piercing; instead, cleanse it 2 to 3 times daily, perhaps as necessary.
  • DO take caution when changing clothes, wiping your nose, and doing something that might cause the incision to hook or yank.

Is It True That They Start To Smell?

For a while after the healing time, some individuals having septum piercings notice a faint smell.

The odor is probably due to some type of build-up of fluids plus dead cells from around the ring unless you already have evidence of contamination. 

It’s even more visible because it’s directly underneath your nose. Cleaning on a routine basis usually suffices to keep the stench at bay.

How Can I Tell If There’s An Issue?

Here are some warning clinical manifestations to look for:

  • Pain, burning, or inflammation that is significant or increasing
  • Itching
  • Pressure
  • Pus or deep green, yellow, sometimes gray secretion which stinks
  • Chills with fever
  • Around the piercing, a bulge or swollen tissue
  • Bumpy or eruptive skin
  • The tissue around the piercing thins, flakes, or peels.

If you notice some of those symptoms, contact your doctor.

What If I Don’t Like It After All?

It is advisable to wait till it cures before modifying the jewelry design.

You can either remove it yourself or get your piercer to do that for yourself when you’re sure you don’t want it longer.

The gap will gradually narrow. In most cases, the business will close within a few months.

Consider that even if you eliminate it throughout the healing process, you’ll still have to follow your maintenance instructions until the wound is completely healed.

Which Septum Ring Size Do I Need?

When it regards septum piercings, bandwidth counts. The right ring, as well as a horseshoe for someone, would be directly related to the size and form of your nose, and also the size of your nasal passages may influence whether or not you should get a septum piercing.

An expert explained, “A customer came in for a damaged septum that demanded to check if such a septum puncture might look quite right.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t always look quite right if the nose isn’t proportional enough.

Initially, consult your piercer about how those think this should appear. Then, insert a style statement to check if you just want the way it appears and then if you actually want to have it.

Styles Of Septum Piercing Jewelry

1. Bead Bands for Captives (CBRs)

As they’re so simple to be using, CBRs are ideal with septum piercings.

You have the option of using a normal bead or using beads, gemstones, and perhaps other exciting bead varieties. CBRs are indeed the route to go if you’re seeking a powerful, conventional design.

Ftovosyo Tragus Hoop Earrings Surgical Steel 16g 14g 12g Captive Bead Ring Lip Septum Hoops

2. Barbells with curves

Curved barbells seem to be comparable to round barbells but do have a lesser extreme curvature. Although not as popular as circular barbells, these are just a favorite among individuals who want subtlety.

Forbidden Body Jewelry 16g 12-16mm Surgical Steel Curved Barbell with Solid Ends for Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing

3. Clicker RINGS

These clicker rings are an excellent option for any septum piercing if you would like something different and comfortable. It’s among the simplest jewelry designs to operate with because of the movable mechanism.

While the remainder of such a piece could be embellished with such a range of diverse distinctive motifs, such as ornate Bali-style etchings or prong-set diamonds or gems, the style’s minimalism mixes functionality with opulence.

20G 18G 16G Clear CZ Nose Rings Hoop 316L Surgical Steel Cartilage Earrings Hoop 5-12mm Piercing Jewelry Daith Helix Rook Tragus Piercing Jewelry Stainless Steel Earring Silver Conch Piercing Jewelry

4. Rings with No Holes

For a more delicate aesthetic, gold smooth rings remain popular. Choose to have a seamless ring that sits snug between the septum for just an appearance that’s both adorable and daring if you desire a more understated look.

ORANGELOVE Hypoallergenic Nose Rings 20G 18G 16G 14G 12G 10G 8G 316l Surgical Steel Septum Jewelry Hinged Segment Ring Body Piercing Nose Hoop Lip Rings Nose Helix Cartilage Rook Earrings

5. Barbells in a circle

Circular barbells have a strong resemblance to CBRs but just don’t make a full circle. The two balls somewhat on its tip, often known as horseshoe barbells, offer this a striking septum piercing choice.

FANSING 316l Surgical Steel Horseshoe Piercing Jewelry with Internally Threaded Ends 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm

6. pinchers with crescents

This design is for folks who want to expand their septum or even have larger septum piercings. An o-ring secures the curved surface to every side.

Pierced Owl - 8-14GA Stainless Steel Basic Septum Pincher Nose Ring with 2 Black O-Rings

7. Retainers

Septum implants are a terrific alternative whenever you also have to be inconspicuous. This form of jewelry conceals the incision while keeping it open.

Ocptiy 16G 14G Titanium Septum Ring G23 U-Shaped Hypoallergenic Septum Nose Ring Piercing Jewelry for Sensitive Skin Retainer

What Is The Procedure For Changing My Septum Piercing?

You could be thinking of switching your septum ring following spending 6-8 weeks (yep, seriously), perhaps changing from such a horseshoe design piece to something like a loop that several equate with much of the bull nose puncture appearance.

You could return to the piercer and then have them walk you through it, but it shouldn’t be extremely difficult for someone like you to do this yourself. 

Remove one of the balls and slip it out if your initial piercing is kept in along with them. It can become a touch stiff, so go return towards the piercer and have him tighten it up.

There are various forms of jewelry, so maybe you should seek particular counsel, but you should strive to put fresh jewelry in just as soon as possible.

Sanitize your hands, sanitize the region and any jewelry you’re wearing, then align the bar mostly with the opening before actually inserting it through.

It can take a few tries to locate the hole, or you might need to draw your nose down somewhat. Various types of bands, as well as bars, operate the same way.

What Is the Cost of A Septum Piercing?

The cost of something like a septum piercing usually is somewhere around $40 to $90.

Several factors influence the cost of a piercing, including:

  • The piercer’s perspective
  • The studio, as well as its location
  • You’ll want to double-check that the sort of jewelry utilized should be included in the pricing.

The cost is determined by several factors, including the piercer’s expertise, the studio’s locality, and also the jewelry used throughout the piercing. The latter will usually be included within the total fee, but double-check ahead of time to ensure.

Don’t forget to calculate the cost of maintenance treatments when calculating your budget.

The emphasis is on expertise and sanitation. Nothing could be more vital than ensuring your piercer follows sufficient hygiene procedures, which include a sanitary environment and sanitary tools.

Furthermore, since a septum piercing would be a delicate procedure, you should seek out someone with greater knowledge. As a result, it may be worthwhile to invest the spare funds to ensure that you receive expert assistance.

Before arranging a consultation, make absolutely sure that you have done your homework, read the reviews, request a showcase, or perhaps even request when you may visit.

Finally, the expense will be defined by the jewelry selected. Implant-grade stainless steel, platinum, genuine gold, as well as biodegradable white gold are the best options.

What Is the Best Way to Flip Up My Septum Piercing?

If you already have septum jewelry in the shape of a horseshoe, you ought to be able to suppress the piercings throughout class, office, and even chilling with your grandmother.

Ask your piercer for the best way, but normally you pull the mouth skin down to make the piercing extra visible. Next, press the balls up until after the jewelry inserts inside your nose.

The longer the piercing gets, as well as the less bloated the nose is, the simpler it will be.

What Is the Best Way to Stretch Septum Piercings?

Your septum was most likely pierced using 16g/1.2mm or 14g/1.6mm jewelry. If you want to make it even broader, you’ll have to continue very gently since the cartilage might tend to move up the nose.

Ask the piercer, although most people suggest resting 4 to 6 months prior to beginning to stretch. After that, you must wait a few months for each gauge.

There seem to be a variety of approaches, but perhaps the most popular is to use clean hands, sterilized jewelry, as well as a hygienic nose.

Wrapping Up

Find a trustworthy piercer, breathe in deeply, and just go for it if such a septum piercing is your thing.

Always consult with specialists who are knowledgeable about jewelry, including septum piercings.

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