Shark Bite Piercing

What is Shark bite piercing?

Shark bite piercing is relatively a new type of piercing that is done on both sides of the lower lip. It highlights the smile. Popular among youngsters, these piercings look trendy and cool. Sometimes it is also known as double snake bite piercing or simply double lip piercing.

Shark Bite Piercing Pictures

Shark Bite Piercing Images


  • Opt for a well-known parlor with considerable experience in all types of lip piercings.
  • Clean the part of skin where piercing will take place.
  • Mark the place of perforation using a marker.
  • Punching two symmetrical holes with the help of a hollow sterilized needle.
  • Insert the jewelry into the piercing.

Shark Bite Piercing Pain

Since it is a combination of four piercings altogether, two on either side of the lip, pain is evident. A considerable amount of ache is experienced while and after the process. There can be bleeding during the piercing process. The lips remain swollen for some days.

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Aftercare- Do’s & Don’ts


  • Clean the piercing using a cotton ball with a warm salt solution.
  • Rinse your mouth with warm saline water after eating food.
  • Use a toothbrush with soft bristles and brush gently.
  • Eat chilled food items such as ice-cream. Yogurt is also good to eat during the healing days
  • Keep the piercing lubricated using coconut oil as it is a good healer.


  • Touch the piercing without washing hands
  • Consume hot and spicy food
  • Drink alcohol or smoke
  • Play with the jewelry or remove it


Complete healing may take up to 2 to 3 months. If the infection occurs around the piercing, the wound may take more time to heal.


Since the piercings are four in number, they need utmost care. The piercings are more prone to infections. It is detectable through the following symptoms.


  • Swelling and soreness for a long time
  • Excessive pain, itching or irritation
  • Redness and bruises along the piercings
  • Discharge of Pus from any or all of the piercings
Shark Bites Piercing Boy

Shark Bites Piercing on Guys


  • Clean the wound regularly to clear the pus
  • Do not remove the jewelry or it will clog the piercing hole
  • Consult a physician for medical help and care
  • Follow the prescribed medication for the stipulated period of time


Body is in a habit to reject or expel foreign particles, so there are chances of rejection or dislocation of the jewelry. It may push the metal towards the surface which can cause migration of jewelry. There is also a risk of gum and tooth erosion. The lower jaw is movable so motion can also cause hurdles in healing.

Piercing Jewelry for Shark Bite Piercing

Circular barbells, labret rings, captive bead rings, spikes, loop rings, hoops, etc. can be used to adorn the shark bite piercings. While choosing the metal, be careful as a reactive metal increase the chances of an infection. Silver, Gold, Titanium, and Surgical steel are safe as they are skin friendly. Acrylic jewelry is also much in use nowadays. It comes in various colors.


Shark bite piercings can cost from $80 to $ 125. It also depends on the choice of jewelry and piercing Parlor to an extent.

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