Spider Bites Piercing (Viper Bites Piercing)

What is Spider Bites Piercing?

A pair of piercings on the lower lip at the corner of the mouth is referred to as spider bites piercing or viper bites piercing. Although similar to snake bite piercing, the only distinguishing factor between the two is that the spider bite is placed closer than the snake bite piercing. It looks like the claws of a spider or a spider bite on the lips.


  • Select a popular salon with an experienced professional that uses sterilized equipment
  • Both the piercings are equidistant from the center of the lip, otherwise, it may affect the symmetry of the face. Hence carefully check the markings before the piercer makes the perforation.
  • Consult a doctor before getting the piercing as he will suggest the most convenient and safest procedure.
  • Doctors may suggest the intake of Vitamin B through various food sources before getting the piercing as it helps in the faster healing of the wound.

 Side Lip Piercing Risks 

  • Refers to double piercing where the pain experienced is more than that in case of a single piercing
  • Has high chance of causing damage to the lower teeth and the lower gum
  • Allergic reactions due to infections around the area
  • The possibility of Swollen lips after the piercing makes it hard to speak or eat temporarily
  • The location is such that the metal stud inserted may cause abrasion to the teeth and gums. The gums may be hurt due to the constant contact with the metal stud and the teeth enamel might get chipped off.
Spider Bite Piercings Pictures
Spider Bite Piercings Images


  1. The procedure begins by sterilizing the area of the piercing
  2. Then the professional marks the points where the needle is going to enter and exit using a surgical marker.
  3. Perforation is made by using a sterilized needle from the outside to the inside, it can be the other way round too depending on the preference of the customer and the expertise of the artist.
  4. Jewelry is also threaded to the needle so that as soon as the perforation is made, it can be settled in the piercing.


Even though the lip is a sensitive area, this type of piercing is said to be less painful as compared to other lip piercings. Nevertheless, people do experience the pain of a needle perforating their body but those who have undergone the process have said that it is the first stage of healing that is likely to be the most painful. But then again the experience depends on one’s ability to bear the pain. At the same time, the technique adopted can make a huge difference in terms of the pain experienced.

Viper Bite Piercings
Viper Bite Piercings Images


Healing time

Spider bites piercing heals in 4 to 12 weeks. The duration is directly dependent on the level of aftercare and the technique used by the piercer. Hence to make it heal quicker, ensure you adopt hygienic practices. Additionally, the body of the person who has undergone the piercing must also be able to repair the wounds internally. It is always handy to have an aftercare spray – saline cleanser natural recovery solution. 

Symptoms of an infection

  • Chills, fever & soreness
  • Red, swollen & pale
  • Severe inflammation
  • Itching, irritation & a burning sensation
  • Difficulty in chewing & eating
  • Swollen lymph nodes in the neck
  • Increase in the pain around the piercing lasting more than 2 days
  • Piercing may discharge foul-smelling yellow fluid or pus

 Do’s & Dont’s in case of infections


  • Eat frozen foods like yogurt as they help to heal the wound faster
  • Eat mild food that does not affect the wound
  • Consume Vitamin B in the diet before the piercing


  • Do not drink alcohol or smoke as it inflames the wound causing intense pain
  • Don’t eat spicy food as it causes a burning sensation around the wound
  • Do not touch the piercing with dirty hands or go swimming, as in such cases there are high chances of the wound coming into contact with bacteria


  • Use a mouthwash that is anti-bacterial and alcohol-free to clean the piercing
  • Do not remove the jewelry as it may cause a block and not allow the infected fluid to leave
  • Only use medication and ointments referred by a doctor
  • To clean the area of the piercing use lukewarm water & an antibacterial soap
  • Keep your personal belongings like face towels and bed sheets clean
  • Keep the jewelry clean to avoid infections
  • Rinse the mouth thoroughly after meals to avoid infection caused by leftover food particles
  • People who sweat a lot must wash their piercing more often (about 4-5 times daily)


Initially go for labret studs as they are easier to handle. Later you may replace it with ball closure rings or circular barbells. Make sure the jewelry initially used is larger in case of a ball closure ring and longer in the case of a labret stud. It ensures there is enough space to accommodate the swelling. Usually, a pair of the same jewelry is worn on the piercing but people can mix and match with styles according to their preference.

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The price you pay for a spider bites piercing can be anywhere between $40 – 80. But the cost may vary depending on the salon and the piercing artist. Also, factors such as the piercings made at the same time or at intervals contribute to the pricing as well. The cost of the jewelry also affects the cost.

Thank you for reading til the end! Hopefully, you found the article helpful in your decision weather to go ahead or not with the spider bites piercing. Good luck!

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