Snake Eye Tongue Piercing: Things You Need to Know

Snake Eyes or Snake bite tongue Piercing is placed horizontally on both sides of the tongue symmetrical to each other and is a Horizontal tongue piercing. Snake eyes piercing is also popular as Venom piercing, snake tongue piercing, snake bite tongue piercing, double tongue piercing or surface tongue piercing resembling the snake eyes. Though it is not very common among people yet, many are now becoming fans of this unique form.

If the horizontal piercing is done near the tip of the tongue, it is generally referred to as Tip of Tongue Piercing. The tongue which is quite flexible looks like the hood of a snake with the piercings on either side. Instead of one jewelry as in Tongue piercing, you will have two small barbells on both sides of the tongue placed horizontally. They look both scary and catchy at the same time. Snake eyes piercing will portray the look of gleaming eyes of a snake.

What is the process for a snake eye piercing? 

Like other piercings, you should find a reputable piercer for your snake eye tongue piercing. You should also check if they have a hygienic studio to ensure they comply with safety practices. In addition, you can check if they have the proper certifications and an autoclave sterilizer. 

Do not panic in this situation, all you need to do is consult your physician if these symptoms occur. Follow his prescription and instructions.

piercing is similar to other surface piercings. The piercer will look at your tongue to check that it can put it in an area that will not pierce blood vessels or nerves. 

Then, you will clean your mouth using an oral rinse to kill bacteria. Next, the piercer will mark the puncture points and let you confirm the placement. 

It would help if you remembered that the piercing placement would depend on the anatomy of your tongue. The piercer makes sure to pierce it safely. 

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The Association of Professional Piercers recommends piercings that are made from biocompatible plastics, gold, or metals with designations of the American Society for Testing and Materials Standard as well as the International Standards Organization. 

potential risks associated with snake eye tongue piercing

There is always a risk of dislocation and rejection with most kinds of piercings. The body is in a habit to expel or reject the foreign element. It may also produce antibodies for the same. It can also push the jewelry towards the surface. Therefore, there is always a chance of migration. There remains a possibility of scarring mostly in such a situation.


The metallic piece remains inside your mouth most of the time. Hence it may lead to a risk of gum and tooth erosion. Metal or stone piece of the jewelry can cause scratching and damage to the gums. To avoid this risk, choose an adornment that is small in size and not very sharp.


In case the piercing is not done correctly, it can cause nerve damage. There is a bunch of nerve endings on the tongue which impairs your tasting capacity and speech. If these nerves are damaged, then it can cause numbness and difficulty in speaking.


While eating food, you need to be careful. If the jewelry is loose and comes out of its place, there are chances of swallowing it while eating or sleeping.


The most significant risk is that of contagion. Here are some signs that indicate infection.

  • Excessive swelling
  • Redness and tongue discoloration.
  • Pus discharge
  • Excessive pain

Do not panic in this situation, all you need to do is consult your physician if these symptoms occur. Follow his prescription and instructions.

How to clean your snake eye tongue piercing? 

The snake eye piercing is similar to other oral types of piercing. So, it would help if you were responsible for its aftercare.

Clean the piercing using a saline piercing aftercare solution about 2 or 3 times daily. Cleaning your snake eye piercing after eating is also suitable for clearing food debris. 

Piercers advise using a piercing aftercare solution specifically made for oral piercings. First, make sure that it’s safe to gargle. 

You should also ensure proper oral hygiene for the aftercare of your piercing. For example, avoid using mouthwash with alcohol since it may hurt and irritate the piercing.

You should also prevent eating acidic and spicy foods during the healing process. Generally, it would help if you avoided that exposure to an open wound. If your jewelry feels tight, you should immediately see your piercer to get the best fit. 

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You should maintain proper maintenance and care with your piercing to avoid complications. 

How long does it take to heal a snake eye tongue piercing? 

The snake eye tongue piercing can take about 8 weeks to heal. However, it is the minimum time, and the healing process is longer even if you do everything right. 

You should have your piercer check if it was completely healed before you change the jewelry or stop aftercare practices. Your tongue may swell during the first days after the process of piercing. 

It would help if you also took extra care as you got used to your new piercing. For example, it is also better to stick to soft foods first, so you will not chew more. You may also refrain from talking because moving the tongue can jolt the piercing, resulting in jewelry rejection. 

Is the snake eye tongue piercing the hottest trend today? 

The fashion of people is getting bolder nowadays. The snake eye tongue piercing is undoubtedly the hottest piercing trend today. 

In fact, the piercing was embraced worldwide and had already many variants, including:

1. Charm snake eyes piercing

2. Spiral snake eyes piercing styles

3. Reverse snake eyes piercing

4. Five beads piercing style

5. Snake eye tongue piercing with lower lip piercing

6. Parallel piercing style

7. Ventricle style

8. Middle of the tongue piercing

9. Diamond snake eye

10. Triple eyes snake piercing

l1. Tongue web piercing

In other terms, the snake eye tongue piercing can be a good fashion statement to show your style and personality. 

Where can you buy a snake eye tongue piercing jewelry? 

There are lots of options available on the market for your fashion accessory needs. You can buy your piercing from online shops. You can also purchase them from your piercer. 

Getting the snake eye tongue piercing from your piercer can be a good idea. They can have the best barbell size in getting the piercing done. 

You may get a larger-sized barbell based on the swelling your tongue may get. You can change the piercing size if the node is more or less. 

Are the snake’s eyes and tongue piercing painful? 

Yes, most of the time, the piercing may hurt. It is said that about 80% of individuals consider it a painful experience. 

Does the piercing reject? 

Yes, the snake eye tongue piercing requires proper care because it’s a sensitive and risky area. There are chances of teeth cracking, gum rejection, and eating problems.

What are the symptoms of snake-eye tongue jewelry rejection? 

The symptoms of rejection of the snake eye piercing include the following:

  • Piercing holes get bigger
  • Elongated soreness in the pierced spot
  • The piercing hanging loosely
  • Pain is not subsiding
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You can remove the piercing if you feel these symptoms and continuously feel uncomfortable. However, you should also see your doctor if the pain persists. Remember that the piercing is located in a sensitive part, so you should take proper care. 

How to heal snake eye piercing fast?

For fast healing of the snake eye tongue piercing, you should maintain proper oral hygiene. You can wash your mouth after every meal using safe cleaners that don’t contain alcohol. 

It would help if you also reduced talking on the first days of the piercing. Make sure to avoid smoking and touching the pierced spot. 

Is the snake eye piercing safe? 

Yes, the snake eye piercing is safe. However, you should find a well-experienced and reliable piercer that will perform the piercing process safely. 

With that, you can avoid potential risks and complications. It is also crucial to practice aftercare habits for your snake eye tongue piercing. 

Is snake eye tongue piercing for everyone? 

Everyone’s tongue is different. The snake eye piercing is not for you if you have a tongue-tie or if your tongue is too short. 

As you go to your piercer, they will examine your mouth. They check the anatomy of your tongue to determine where it can and can’t get pierced for your safety. The piercer ensures that the piercing will not cause unnecessary damage. 

When should you see a doctor? 

If you observe signs of infection, severe tongue swelling, enlarged lymph nodes, difficulty breathing, and fever, you should seek immediate medical help. Your doctor will treat the infected piercings with antibiotics. They may also suggest removing your jewelry. 

Having it checked with your doctor can help to avoid complications.  

What is the cost of the snake eye tongue piercing? 

The average cost for the snake eye piercing is from $60 to $100, not including the piercing. The jewelry can range from $10 to $30 per piece. 

The cost of your piercing can depend on the studio’s popularity and location. The price can also be determined by the jewelry’s material and the piercer’s experience. 


Due to its uniqueness, the snake eye tongue piercing is the hottest piercing trend. However, it would help if you remembered that it had associated risks because your tongue is a sensitive area.     Get a reputable and expert piercer to get the piercing done safely.

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