Tongue Web Piercing or Web piercing

What is Tongue Web Piercing?

A tongue web or frenulum is a thin skin that connects the tongue to the bottom surface of the mouth. A perforation in the same tissue is referred to as Tongue web piercing or just Web piercing. Since it is a fragile layer, therefore, the pain is less due to the absence of muscles. It is an oral piercing with alternative tongue piercing names such as Marley piercing or underneath tongue piercing.

Types of Tongue Web Piercing

  • Spider tongue web piercing
  • Double tongue web piercing
Different types of Tongue Web Piercing Images
Ring Tongue Web Piercing | Barbell Tongue Web Piercing | Double Tongue Web Piercing


  • Select a reputed parlor holding an experience in piercing.
  • Rinse the mouth with an anti-bacterial mouthwash.
  • Push a hollow needle inside the frenulum.
  • Insert plain jewelry in the perforation.


Perforating the soft skin underneath the tongue could be a painful experience. It can also be highly discomforting for a few. The jewelry rubs against the floor of the mouth and tongue which can irritate. The rating of pain intensity reports 3/10 on the piercing scale. People who get this piercing feel a sudden pinch.

Healing Time

This piercing can take about 8 to 10 weeks to heal. The process can prolong if the aftercare is not apt. There can be swelling, light bleeding, and tenderness which will often reduce with time. Some whitish fluid can seep out which is not pus.

Aftercare: Web piercing


  • Brush gently with a soft bristle toothbrush
  • Get an alcohol-free mouthwash and take care such as H2O Ocean
  • Gargle with lukewarm saline water.
  • Wash hands thoroughly before touching the pierced area.
  • Take some ice cubes and keep them in your mouth to reduce the swelling.
  • Take nutritious food which speeds up the healing
  • Stay healthy by taking sound sleep as it will help in early recovery.


  • Play or fiddle with jewelry, don’t even remove it.
  • Speak more to avoid undue stress on the piercing area.
  • Smoke cigarettes, and marijuana if you want it to heal quickly.
  • Eat hot, spicy or sticky food during healing. Avoid French kisses and other oral engagements.

Risks associated with Tongue web piercing

There is always a risk of migration and rejection since it is done on a loose skin connecting the tongue to the lower jaw. It can stretch resulting in tearing the frenulum. There is less risk of gum and tooth erosion in the frenulum as it is not in direct contact with the tooth or gum. Still cleaning jewelry is advisable to avoid infections.

Infections & Other Complications

Getting the piercing done by an expert piercer is recommended to avoid the chances of an infection. A frenulum with infection can irritate and ache along with seepage of pus. In case the piercing undergoes inflammation and discoloration, it can be a sign of contagion. If these signs of infectivity are visible, do gargle with a saline solution. If the irritation persists, take the help of a doctor and follow his prescription and instructions.

Tongue Web Piercing Jewelry

Large-size barbells and CBRs are fit for these piercings. Some other common jewelry choices are spike barbells, marijuana barbells, curved barbells, and surface barbells. Captive bead rings and small beaded hoops are also elegant choices. The metal of jewelry can be gold, titanium, surgical steel, or silver.


The cost of tongue web piercing falls in the range of $15 and $30 at any well-known piercing salon. The choice of jewelry can influence the price too.

Can you see a tongue web piercing when you talk?

Tongue web piercings are not visible under normal circumstances. In our experience, people who had one can wear it discrete. Also, your speech will not be interrupted, with piercing healing time remarkably fast.

What is the white stuff on my tongue web piercing?

If you notice a white coating on your tongue, it could be a sign of good bacteria responding to the piercing or yeast bacteria. We recommend to avoid any dairy products including yogurt and milk to eliminate growth of yeast bacteria, ultimately avoiding yeast infection.

How do I know if my tongue web piercing is infected?

Usually, we see redness or swelling that extends beyond the piercing site as major signs of infection. Also, look out for uncomfortable swelling and persistent warmth feeling.

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