Tragus Jewelry

There are different ways of expressing yourself by simply switching up your tragus jewelry. And the best thing about self-expression is it is exclusive to every individual. Tragus rings can incorporate a number of varied sizes and designs.

These are pieces that offer great comfort regardless of whether you wear them with formal or casual attire. Also, you can find them in varied materials like 14K gold, brass, stainless steel, silicone, titanium, and niobium, which means they will perfectly suit any skin type.

Just try switching between varied styles like internally-threaded labret studs, externally threaded studs, and hoops. There are endless possibilities when shopping for brand new tragus jewelry.

Gold Tragus Rings and Studs

Gold tragus rings and studs are some of the most attractive options complementing the beauty of the tragus piercings. They add an eye-catching appeal to the wearer. The ones available in 14K gold materials are safe for the new, healing piercings and the healed tragus.

There are plain gold hoops and posts available for a clean and simple appearance. For those who want something extra sparkling or something with a more delicate appearance, there is the option of going for multiple styles of gold tragus jewelry.

Rose and white gold styles are also available, along with the classic 14K gold rings and studs. You can find tragus rings and studs in 14G, 16G, 18G, and 20G sizes and get the one you require.

Tragus Studs

The tragus piercing is one such piercing that offers a variety of jewelry options for decorating it and styling it up in the most exclusive manner. Tragus studs are one of the most excellent options for tragus piercing because they are comfortable to wear and come in different sizes and styles.

It is always best to go for the minimalist metal ball studs that perfectly complement casual and formal attire. Nevertheless, you even have the option of adding a hint of color by selecting gemstone studs.

It is a good idea to go for the labret style studs featuring flat back plate and long post in this category. These styles sit comfortably on the tragus piercing and do not irritate the remaining part of the ear.

Tragus Hoop Earrings

Tragus hoop earrings are excellent because they snugly cling to the ears. The natural curves of the tragus are perfectly suitable for the hoop style. The simple, basic hoops are the go-to style for most individuals showing off tragus piercings.

The best thing about hoops is that you can jazz up their look with crystals, gemstones, and other elaborate designs. In this category, the captive bead hoops have beads fixed in perfect position on the hoop.

Tragus Barbells Make the Perfect Casual and Formal Wear

Barbells also come as great options for individuals looking to don their tragus jewelry for casual and formal occasions. They are generally internally threaded and easier to put in and take out. There can be nothing as eye-catching as the tragus barbell when done right.

Can I use a normal earring as my tragus jewelry?

It is possible, but not advisable due to the risks of poking yourself with the back of the earring is very high. Ouch! Standard earrings for lobes are an 18 gauge.

Can I wear AirPods with a tragus piercing?

Yes, you can. Based on our experience, it is essential for the piercing to heal first. So once it’s FULLY healed you can wear airpods with a tragus piercing.

What is the best metal for tragus piercings?

Surgical stainless steel is the most common material we know because it is safe for most people and affordable. Also, you go with titanium, solid 14-carat or higher gold, and niobium (costs less than titanium).


If you are on the lookout for a new style that can make you the center of attraction for both casual and formal occasions, then going for the tragus piercing will be the right option for you. Just pay attention to finding the right kind of tragus jewelryand you are good to go.

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