Triple Cartilage Piercing

What is Triple Cartilage Piercing?

Multiple cartilage piercing or triple helix piercing is spreading like wildfire amongst everyone who has a passion towards piercing and those who like to flaunt a unique style. It is a different and creative modification which involves perforating any part of the ear cartilage.


Ear cartilage piercing is quite painful. It does hurt when one undergoes the piercing. The ear might become sore and red for a couple of days which is common. Cartilage piercings take between 4-6 months to heal at a minimum. Initial swelling can decrease in the first initial two weeks, although in our experience, we hear it is usually expected to last around up to 6 weeks.

Triple Cartilage Piercings
Triple Cartilage Piercing


Great caution is important when cleaning the pierced area and taking care of it later. Some common tips to do so are:

  1. Wash your hand thoroughly before cleaning or even touching the pierced area
  2. Saline soaks for 5 to 10 minutes per day using cotton. SALINE FOR CONTACT LENSES SHOULD NOT BE USED AS PIERCING AFTERCARE
  3. If suggested by your piercer one could clean the pierced area using soap. Gently lather around the piercing and rinse as needed
  4. Avoid cleaning with Betadine, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or other harsh soaps, as these can damage cells. And no ointments as these block essential air circulation.
  5. Avoid changing jewelry during the healing period
  6. Don’t sleep on the side of the piercing area or use a “U” shaped travel pillow
  7. Do not place band aids on the piercing. These can increase unwanted pressure on the wound; leading to irritation and/or migration.
  8. In the first two months, avoid unhygienic water anywhere near your piercing such as lakes, pools, hot tubs, etc.

Most infections and complications can be avoided if the basic precautions and aftercare are adopted.


There is a wide range of jewelry available and all are unique in nature and of a different price range. Ranging from ball closures to barbells, there are a number of options to choose from.

Jewelry Ideas for triple Cartilage Piercing
Triple Helix Cartilage Piercing

Can you get 3 cartilage piercings at once?

Yes, you can. During the same procedure, it is recommended to get no more than four piercings, especially if all these will be on the same ear, so you can definitely get triple cartilage piercing. Just to be aware, multiple piercings can cause higher level of swelling and increase the recovery period.

how do you sleep with a cartilage piercing?

Find a “U” shaped pillow. This type of travel pillow will help your ears to stick out. Place your ear in the middle of the hole, this way you will avoid any unwanted pressure on your piercing. Your neck should be in the middle of “U” for a comfortable night sleep.  

What are the cons of cartilage piercing?

You may experience more bleeding with a triple cartilage piercing. Aftercare routine is essential to keep piercing clean to avoid infections in necrosis (tissue death) in your cartilage.

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