When Can I Change My Belly Piercing? Ultimate Guide

Considering getting your belly button pierced? It sure is an exciting proposition, but you have to be careful. Once you get it pierced, you need to take adequate care and will have to wait anywhere from 3 months to a year before changing your belly piercing. The best indicator that it has healed completely is when you can move it quickly. 

The skin around the pierced region should appear almost the same as it used to look before you got the piercing. Lastly, there shouldn’t be any discharge or swelling around the piercing. 

The process of complete healing usually takes 9 to 12 months and varies from one person to the other. Piercing is essentially a healing wound that might sore, irritate, and become red during that period. Some people may experience intense pain, fever, or swelling. Such cases indicate severe infection and require proper medication or treatment.

When Can I Change My Belly Piercing?

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If the skin around the pierced area returns to its standard color, it indicates that the piercing has healed. You should also check if there is any redness around the jewelry. Other things include checking if you experience any pain around the piercing site. Lastly, there should be no secretions or discharge from that area. 

Redness or pink color often indicates that the belly button piercing is still healing. If there is any sort of irritation, you should wait till it subsides. Also, check if there are any dried crusts in the navel ring. 

How to Make My Belly Piercing Heal Quicker?

To speed up the healing process, the best solution is to use a sea salt solution to clean the piercing. It helps in healing quicker and reduces any swelling possibilities. It would help if you dissolved ¼ teaspoon of sea salt in a cup of warm bottled or distilled water. Rinse the piercing using the solution and pat gently so that it dries. 

When Should I Stop Cleaning My Belly Button Piercing?

After your belly button is pierced, you should prioritize cleaning that area using the sea salt solution or saline water as recommended by your piercer. Again, you should do this for at least a month and that too 3-4 times a day. 

After a month, you can stop cleaning the piercing when you feel things are going well. However, if you notice any complications, it’s best to continue cleaning that region for another couple weeks. 

Can I Take Our The Belly Piercing Before It Has Completely Healed?

Certainly not! Most piercers will emphasize that newly pierced jewelry is not removed till that piercing has healed completely. If it hasn’t and you want to remove it, you are taking a risk. 

Although a professional can help you remove the same, doing so will result in the hole shrinking and closing with minimal scarring. However, if you have gone through the pain and would like to keep the piercing, it’s not advisable to risk removing the piercing before it has healed. 

Is It Ok If I Change The Belly Button Ring?

Essentially, you should wait for at least three months before thinking of changing the ring. However, ensure you get your piercing carefully examined by a professional and only try changing the button ring if he advises it’s safe. 

If the jewelry can be moved easily, the piercing has healed. With no swelling or discharge around that area, the skin around the piercing should look as it used to before you got it pierced. 

Can My Belly Button Piercing Be Changed After 4 Weeks?

Again, as mentioned above, 3 months is the minimum time you should wait before you plan on changing the jewelry. But even after these months, get that area examined by a professional, and if things look good, move ahead with changing the jewelry. 

Can I Take A Shower After Belly Button Piercing? 

Like any other piercing, you can take a shower but avoid taking a bath. Additionally, it would help if you avoided swimming or going inside pools. Going inside deep water in hot tubs, pools, lakes or rivers needs to be avoided for at least a year after getting the belly button pierced. 

How Should I Sit For My Belly Button Piercing?

While getting the piercing done, the piercer will ask you to sit on a hydraulic chair. The chair is reclined till you are lying in a relaxed position. Next, the piercer disinfects the area around the navel and removes any body hair you have around it. Ensure he is using a new disposable razor to remove the hair. 

What Kind of Belly Button Piercing Cannot Be Pierced?

If you do not have solid skin or flap on top of your belly button, piercers might attempt going for a lower lip of your belly button. However, this is a scarce option. For people who do not have an outie belly button, it’s most likely that they can’t get a piercing in that area. 

Should I be Cleaning The Crust of My Piercing?

As a piercing is a puncture, you must remove the crust developing around the jewelry. You have to allow the air to reach the punctured tissues and help them heal properly. 

Lastly, Before You Get the Piercing, You Might Ask, Do I Need A Flat Stomach To Get MY Belly Button Pierced? 

No, it’s not the case! People who do not have a flat belly can also get a Double belly button piercing done. In any case, ensure you are going with an experienced professional and not focusing on getting it done at cheap pricing. 

Concluding Remarks

Belly button piercing has been a rage recently, and more people are trying it. It does look cool, but you need to take necessary precautions before, during, and after the piercing. 

Proper aftercare measures and enough time to heal that area will prevent any infections. Further, it will reduce any chances of aggravations or prolonged healing period. 

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