When Can I Change My Septum Piercing safely?

Septum piercing has become increasingly fashionable and demanded among men and women of all ages. We receive so many inquiries about “When can I change my septum piercing?” from those considering a septum piercing or have recently had one done. 

The good news is that you can usually change the septum jewelry after eight to twelve weeks, as long as the piercing is healed and there is no sign of infection. 

If you’re in doubt, it’s always best to check with your piercer or doctor before changing your septum piercing. They will be able to tell you if your piercing is healed and give you the go-ahead to change the jewelry. Once you think of changing it up, a question would be: “When can I change my septum piercing?”

Make sure it’s right to replace your jewelry before you get there. Before having the desired septum piercing, a few things may be considered.

How Long Will It Take For A Septum Piercing To Heal?

A septum piercing does not heal in some set significant period. According to Healthline, certain people take 2-3 months, whereas others require 6-8 months.

According to specialists, the usual recovery period is approximately 4-6 months. The septum piercing might feel mended after a couple of weeks after healing.

A professional says your piercing should feel “much better” after roughly eight weeks. However, they claim that perhaps the majority of the mending will occur sometime in the next 4-6 months.

Disruption towards the epidermis or mucosal surfaces, such as septum piercing, might require one year to recover, according to a specialist. They advise against changing any septum piercing before that, though.

If you properly take care with the septum piercing, this should recover and be prepared to change rings in a few months.

When Can I Change My Septum Piercing?

When your septum piercing has healed completely, you can replace it. However, experts advise you to hold off as late as necessary.

A septum piercing usually heals in two to three months, but this can require up to six months for several individuals to recover effectively.

Several factors influence how rapidly you heal, how thoroughly you observe aftercare instructions, how much or little you contact the piercing over while this recovers, the physical health, and whatever issues, including inflammation.

This would most likely be uncomfortable and harmful to your nose if something is not fixed and you keep on trying to adjust it. After two months, changing the septum piercing would’ve been acceptable and far less bothersome.

When you handle any piercing and don’t experience pain or bleeding, anyone may tell precisely how good it’s mending. This really is the time where you could announce that the very first step has been finished.

If you notice a frost on your epidermis, this indicates that you’re still in the process of mending.

What Is The Procedure For Removing A Septum Piercing?

Now that your piercing has mended, it’s time to switch out your jewelry. Again, you can go to such a piercer or do it yourself in the house.

To be cautious, one expert recommends heading towards the piercer for something like the initial changeover.

According to a professional piercer, the septum piercing must be done by a piercer for the very first time.

If you wish to do this by yourself, experts recommend the following steps:

1. Hands should be washed.

2. Locate the loop’s entrance, grip both ends, and turn them apart from one another to detach the jewelry. According to the expert, it would be like pulling a key from such a key ring.

3. Replace the old jewelry using fresh implant-grade jewelry.

4. Within a week or so, repeat the aftercare procedure.

What Will Happen If I Change the Septum jewelry Very Soon?

Some of the most frequent issues that can arise if you try to change your piercing too early include:

1. Pain Severity

Your body’s septum is a vulnerable area. Replacing your piercing before it is even healed will almost certainly make it even more painful and possibly cause the eyes to tear.

2. Because the hole would be irritated and swollen, it will be much harder to perceive, making the replacement ring installation more challenging. Clearly, this will lead to further pain.

3. Infection situation is aggravated. Trying to remove the prior piercing would almost certainly reveal some of the flaking skin and mending.

If the new ring is really not disinfected and cleaned enough, your hole may become contaminated.

Cleaning Septum Piercings

If you do not even wash one’s symptom piercing, this might become infected just like every other piercing. According to a professional, you must immerse your piercing in saline, then dry this after every soak.

A saline soak is inexpensive and practical for cleaning your septum piercing. Only filtered or purified water, one cup of kosher salt, plus gauze are required.

After gathering your items, begin by heating the water. Toasty, never hot, would be the crucial term here. Scalding your piercing would be the last factor you would like to happen.

According to Healthline, you should only use 1/8 or 1/4 teaspoon of salt per pint of water.

Immerse your sanitary bandages throughout the mixture. After that, the salt disintegrated. Next, place the gauze on your piercing for 5 minutes maximum. That’s all there is to cleaning your septum piercing.

If you choose, one can cleanse your piercing using safe water afterward. Additionally, before washing any piercing, constantly wash your hands.

You could simply purchase one if you don’t want to make your own saline solution.

Frequently asked questions


No, it isn’t irritating until you can see that one’s piercing may well have healed fully. When it is not cured while you attempt to alter it, it will almost certainly be uncomfortable and detrimental to both nostrils. 
It would also be OK and far less uncomfortable to change the septum piercing following eight weeks.

How do i know my septum is healed?

General rules to follow:
1. It’s no longer tender;
2. The minimum healing time has passed, usually at least 2 to 3 months;
3. It’s no longer weepy or crusty

What are most Common mistakes to avoid when changing your septum piercing?

1. Changing your jewelry too soon
2. Using dirty or unsterilized tools
3. Twisting or pushing too hard
4. Wearing jewelry that doesn’t fit properly

To Conclude

So, now you are well equipped knowing when can I change my septum piercing. Whenever it’s entirely mended is really the straightforward answer. Best piercings mend at varying speeds; yours could take three months, maybe a year, to cure. So it’s best to leave the first jewelry replacement to the piercer.

Meanwhile, maintain your piercing clean to prevent viruses that might delay recovery and jeopardize your well-being. Good luck!