How to Know Which Size of Septum Ring to Get?

If you’re thinking about getting a new ring for your septum, you may be wondering what size you should get. The good news is that there are a few easy ways to figure out what size septum ring will be right for you.

First, it’s important to know that septum rings are typically available in two different sizes: 18 gauge and 16 gauge.

The smaller the number, the thicker the ring. Most people prefer to start with a 16 gauge ring, as it is the most common size and is less likely to cause any pain or discomfort.

If you’re not sure what size septum ring to get, the best way to find out is to ask your piercer. They will be able to take a look at your nose and help you determine which size septum ring will be the best fit.

Also If you want to measure which size of septum ring to get and what gauge a septum piercing by yourself, please keep reading this article.

Why Is Size So Important?

It occurs all the time: somebody spends longer to recover their piercing flawlessly, then purchases their initial jewelry with excitement, only to acquire a piercing lump just several days later.

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Even though your piercing has healed does not imply it is no longer vulnerable to injury. Wearing jewelry that would be the incorrect size is among the most common causes of injury to a healed piercing.

A stud, as well as a hoop, which is too small, will draw against the puncture hole, creating piercing blisters and other issues.

Your piercing areas could be ripped or damaged if any stud, as well as the hoop, is overly big.

After months of healing, make sure your septum piercing doesn’t get damaged. Before going shopping for new jewelry, check with your piercer to be certain you’re getting the right sizes.

How Much Time Does It take to Heal a New Septum Ring?

It varies on the person and their metabolism definitely, but it generally takes around six months to heal a Septum Piercing.

However, anyone with a piercing can change jewelry after two to three months. Anyone changing their jewelry for the first time is advised to consult an expert piercer for caution.

Frequently changing the jewelry can cause irritation and infections if disinfectants are not used properly.

How do I know which size of septum ring to get?

Whenever someone is looking for an answer to the above question, they should first need to consider two things. 

  1. How far down are they going to wear the jewelry?
  2. How thick jewelry do they want to wear?

The process of measuring the Inner Diameter of Your Septum Piercing

The first answer leads someone to the inner dia measurements. So let’s take a look at what is an inner diameter measurement. Inner diameter measurements are the inside distance of the ring or jewelry you use (Except for septum tusks).

Septum jewelry is not exactly round-shaped like nose rings. So the highest internal distance needed to be counted. The inner dia depends on how far up your septum piercing is done and how far down you want your piercing to go.

If you’re going to make a bold statement using your septum piercing, you are advised to go for the bigger rings.

On the other hand, a small diameter is recommended if you aren’t comfortable with the jewelry mingling with your upper lips.

If you can’t decide what the inner dia measurements should be, you can follow the following tips. 

  • Cut a piece of paper in a very fine way and slide it up through your nostrils up to the piercing and then draw a line with the pencil along with your nose opening
  • If you already have a septum piercing, then place your existing jewelry on a piece of paper and draw the shape of its inner circle. Then measure the highest distance between two points, or you can measure them directly using a measurement tape.
  • If you are still looking for an expert opinion, it is always good to consult with an experienced piercer.

What Gauge is a Septum Piercing?

Coming to the second point, how thick jewelry do you want to wear?

Gauge measures this thickness, short written as G. The most common septum piercing size is 16G, though other options are available.

Depending on your choice and fashion statement, it can be anything between 12G to 20G, depending on your preference.

Most of us think about the gauges because the wire thickness increases as they increase. But in reality, it’s the opposite. That means 14G is thicker than 16G, and 18G is thinner than 16G.

It is easy to understand if the mm values are placed along with the septum gauge value. So, to understand the Gauge values look at the following table, and it clears things up.

Gauge MeasurementMeasurement in mm
20 G0.8 mm
18 G1 mm
16 G1.2 mm
14 G1.6 mm
12 G2 mm
septum ring diameter - How to Know Which Size of Septum Ring to Get

How Do You Calculate A Nose Ring’s septum Gauge?

You have numerous possibilities when it comes to the question of whichever gauge your septum piercing seems to be, whether it would be the first experience or that you’ve forgotten what size you wear:

  1. Request assistance from your piercer.

This has always been a simpler, more dependable technique to ensure you’re wearing the suitable gauge for individuals who are attempting the septum piercing for the very first time.

  • Compare a generated gauge card to something like an existent piece of jewelry.

If you have a gauge card from such a prior online transaction, you can verify the thickness of an existing item of jewelry to the measurements on the card.

  • Make use of a micrometer or caliper.

A caliper seems to be a low-cost tool for getting precise body jewelry dimensions. You can use this not just to assess the gauge but as well as the internal surface of an old hoop or perhaps even your piercings.

Make absolutely sure its jaws aren’t clenched so tight that now the ring is damaged.

A micrometer could also be used to estimate the gauge, although if you require a lot of precise measurements, you’re not expected to have it on hand. It is not a low-cost device.

  • Wheels for measuring gauges

Steel is commonly used for them. They feature sharp edges, appear like such round, have cutouts along the outside, and seem to be the potential to damage your jewelry.

Gauge wheels are designed to measure straight wire, not irregularly shaped custom jewelry. Should you find a cheap plastic wheel, then you might possibly use this to determine the gauge of such a septum piercing using the tip of such an L-bend.

A metal sheet measuring tool that resembles a tiny rectangle featuring cutouts down one edge is yet another comparable tool.

These instruments will very certainly have jagged corners, which might damage your jewelry. Rather than utilizing either one of those devices, you could buy such an inexpensive caliper.

  • Gauge for drilling.

This tool won’t help you figure out how thick your nose hoop is. Cutting tools, wiring, and hollow shaft are examples of straight items.

This could be used to determine the gauge of something like a labret or perhaps the length of such an L-bend septum stud’s tip. If you intend to pursue it, be really cautious not to damage your jewelry. Purchasing a low-cost caliper has still been suggested.

Is There a Standard Septum Jewelry Size?

The most common question is ‘Is there any standard size for septum piercing or septum jewelry?’. The answer is yes and no, both. The most common size for a septum ring is 16 G.

This is the most common, but that doesn’t mean this is the standard. It depends a lot on the type of jewelry of anyone’s choice – some like the bigger jewelry to make a fashion statement; others like fashion with comfort.

Many may think there is a relation with the septum structure, but there isn’t any unless you have a deviated nasal septum. In that case, an expert piercer’s opinion is recommended.

Best Types of Jewelries for Septum Piercings

There are different available options for septum jewelry. The most common and trendy item is the circular barbell, a U-shaped hoop with a ball on either end.

There is also a captive bead ring, D-rings and Clickers. Septum Pinchers and Septum tusks are getting more popular day by day.

But, in the case of choice of Jewelry Sky is the limit. The circular barbells are most popular as they can easily hide inside the nostrils.

So, a circular barbell is a correct choice if kids don’t want to show it to the public like in school or to teachers.

Which Metal Is the Best for A Septum Ring?

Another very big issue when deciding on a piece of septum jewelry is what type of metal should be used. There are many available options in the market, but the most common and safest are listed below.

1. Surgical Grade Stainless Steel: The safest and most widely regarded metal for septum piercing is Surgical Grade Stainless Steel. Anything that can get rust with time is prohibited from use in case of piercing because it can cause infections and other inflammations.

So, when choosing a metal, Surgical Stainless Steel is the safest and cheapest option unless you have a Nickel allergy. Feel free to scroll down and look for other metal options if you are allergic to Nickel.

2. Titanium: If someone is looking for exclusiveness and classier metal for their jewelry, then Titanium is the option. It is surgically implant graded. So most piercers recommend this for the first piercing. It’s hypoallergenic, which is very unlikely to trigger an allergic reaction. People with a nickel allergy are recommended to use Titanium as a safe option.

3. Niobium: Niobium is a very good replacement for Titanium. The properties are almost the same. The only difference is that Titanium is implant graded and Niobium is not. So, anyone looking for a cheap replacement for Titanium should go for Niobium.

4. Gold (Equal or more than 14 karats): Gold is also a very good option. Anyone opting for Gold should remember that the Gold used for the piece of septum jewelry must be equal to or more than 14 karats because anything less than 14 karats is likely to cause infection in the piercing.

Silver is also used widely for septum jewelry, but it is not recommended as Silver grows black, and a rusty look appears in moist and humid weather. So, it needs frequent cleaning and polishing for a shiny glossy look.  

Is It Necessary To Make Sure That My Septum Jewelry Is Tight?

It depends on your comfort level and the type of Septum jewelry you want to use. The most common advice should be not to use the jewelry tightly wound manner. Too much tightness can create inflammation in the piercings, causing more trouble.

If you have read up to this point, you have already learned a great deal about Septum Piercing and its jewelry options. In the case of Spectrum Piercing, the world is your oyster.

In 2013 when Jessica Biel first appeared in the Met Gala with a Septum Piercing, it became mainstream. But unlike most piercings, Septum Piercing has a great heritage in South Asia and African Nations. Its roots are also profound in mythological characters like Egyptian Goddesses.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this guide helped you with an understanding which size of septum ring to get. Determining the right nose ring fit isn’t as difficult as it may appear. You should do well if you go to a reputed piercer to have your personalized jewelry specifications.

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