Wrist Piercing

What is Wrist Piercing?

Wrist Piercing a type of hand piercing is done through the surface of a wrist and was publicized by Jon Cob. He was a well-known body piercer. It is one of the least painful surface piercings. However small the perforations may seem, piercing on the body is a pretty big deal. Stay aware of everything before making the final call. It includes the procedure, the aftercare and potential risks involved.

Different wrist Piercing Ideas
Wrist Surface Piercing | Wrist Piercing


Can you imagine to replace your stainless steel bracelets with a piercing jewelry on your wrist?

Wrist piercing requires a special kind of jewelry made of either Teflon or titanium. Titanium has no nickel content so it is more flexible and minimizes the chances of rejection or infection. Barbells and surface bars work well whether used for a short time period or a longer one.

Different Wrist Surface bar Piercing Pictures
Wrist Surface Bars Piercing | Wrist Piercing Pictures
Pierced Owl - Flat Disc End 90 Degree Bent Staple Barbell Tongue Ring
Kiokioa 12pc 14G Mix-color Stainless Steel Straight Barbell Tongue Rings Bars Piercing 5.8 inch Length

Piercing And Post-Piercing Stage

Frankly, wrist piercing has a lot of risks of infection, rejection, and migration. So consult an experienced professional and take very good care of the wrist after the piercing.

How to do wrist piercing? – Preparations

First of all, don’t go to the first studio you found on the internet. Do some research, ask your friends for a recommendation and meet the person personally. When you get an appointment, make sure you’re on time and be prepared to ask a few questions about the procedure and its aftercare.


Charges depend on the studio and the experience of the professional. A big studio will obviously be expensive, but then they will give you their best services. It can cost you anything from $60 to $100.


It is painful but is less when compared to the other piercings as the wrist is actually not that sensitive. Still, if you can’t endure pain even a bit, this is not for you. You have to choose jewelry beforehand and then the procedure will take place.


  1. The area around the wrist is disinfected and cleaned after all the hair around is shaved
  2. The entry and exit spot is marked and the needle is  inserted
  3. After this, the jewelry is introduced

Do’s & Don’ts of Wrist Piercing

Most studio professionals inform you about the do’s and don’ts. The primary idea is to make you aware of the common infection and complications. There is a very good reason why they give you a pamphlet to make you understand how important it is to take care of after the piercing.

  • Prefer short sleeve clothing and avoid contact
  • Use a mild soap for cleaning the pierced area while taking a shower
  • Cleaned the spot with a sterilized cotton ball dipped in warm water with salt. Do it at least twice a day
  • Avoid wearing accessories like bracelets, wristwatches, or bangles
  • Limit the movement around the piercing
  • Do not apply lotions, ointments, creams or any kind of cosmetics on the pierced area


Clean the wound using saltwater solutions and you may apply antiseptics. Other than that, never play around with the jewelry or cause any unnecessary contact. Wrist piercing healing time usually ranges between 4-7 months.

Diamond and Dermal Wrist Piercing
Wrist Diamond Piercing | Dermal Wrist Piercing
Different Wrist Piercing Pictures
Piercing on Wrist | Microdermal Wrist Piercing

A common variation of wrist piercing is wrist dermal or micro dermal piercing.

Frequently asked questions

how do wrist piercings stay in?

Dermal anchor placed beneath the skin is the base for wrist piercings. There are two types of dermal anchor: 1. round anchor – a tiny flat disk; 2. footed anchor – a longer extended base beneath the skin for a more secure hold.

how do wrist piercings work?

A small hole created for the anchor to be placed in the middle layer (dermis) of your skin. It is usually around 1/4 inches (6 to 7 millimetres) long sufficient to make a secure base.

does wrist piercing hurt?

You may experience pain during the procedure but you should feel any pain after piercing is done. Swelling is possible for up to two weeks but if there are any excessive consistent levels of pain in the area then reach out to a medical professional.

final remarks

Thank you for reading until the end. Hopefully, this article helped you with your decision rather or not to go ahead with a wrist piercing. Good luck!

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