What Is Blue Nile’s Resizing Policy? (2024 Update)

If you’re wondering about Blue Nile’s resizing policy or if they even offer one, you’re on the right spot.

Finding a ring that fits is a crucial aspect of ring shopping. However, it is most often difficult to know the precise ring size of the one you’re shopping for, especially if you want to make the purchase a secret. Your finger size can also change that you’ll need to get your ring resized. Also, mistakes can happen with online ring fittings, and you might end up ordering your jewelry in the wrong size.

If this happens, Blue Nile’s resizing policy can save the day. Blue Nile has a customer-first philosophy since it was founded in 1999, and you can find that its services are convenient, including ring resizing. In addition, Blue Nile’s resizing policy is quite substantial, offering a complimentary resizing on all custom engagement rings and diamond bands within the first year.

Get a detailed look at Blue Nile’s resizing policy with this guide.

How Much Time Does Blue Nile Take to Resize a Ring?

The time period needed to resize your ring with Blue Nile will depend on different variables, including:

  • The number of resizing request, If the number of requests is high, it will take more time.
  • The availability of the jeweler
  • The material needed to resize or modify the ring.

In general, Blue Nile can resize your ring and ship it back to you within 12 to 14 days after they received your ring. However, it can take a whole month, or even longer, to get your ring back in some cases.

For instance, if you sent your ring to get resized around June or July, the surge of June weddings and other people sending back their rings for the same purpose can delay your request. Thankfully, you can track your resize request and your ring’s return status with Blue Nile through the Services page on their official website.

How Much Does Blue Nile Charge for Resizing a Ring?

Did You Know Blue Nile Resizing

As previously mentioned, Blue Nile will resize most engagement rings and diamond bands for the first year after your purchase, without any charge.  However, if you request resizing for different rings, the process comes at a price. You’ll also need to pay an extra charge if you send back your ring for a resize after the first year of purchase. The fee varies depending on your ring’s band type, whether it is up or down resizing, and the amount of alternation needed to resize your ring.

To get a rough quote of what it might cost you to resize your ring, you can seek help from Blue Nile’s customer support agent. Their expert can help you with any queries about their products, returns, and Blue Nile’s resizing policy. Usually, An expert working in Blue Nile’s can give you a rough idea of the resizing cost depending on:

  • Ring Type
  • Ring setting
  • Ring material
  • Size adjustment necessary

Does Blue Nile offers any warranty for ring resizing?

Blue Nile only offers a single warranty for its products, a Lifetime Manufacturers warranty. However, it doesn’t cover the actual costs of having your ring resized.

If you ordered a ring in the wrong size or want to request a ring resizing for free, Blue Nile has a couple of options available for you.

  • Return the ring for a refund.

If you bought the ring drastically and it came in the wrong size, your first option should be to return it for a refund or credit. However, this warranty is only available within the first 30 days of your purchase. Moreover, you have to have all the necessary paperwork to do so, including Blue Nile’s return merchandise authorization.

Blue Nile will also happily exchange your ring for a new size within the first 30 days if you drastically bought the previous ring in the wrong size.

  • Request the resize within the first year.

In case, you return your ring and have it resized within the first year of your purchase, you won’t have to pay to get it done.

Your last resort is to use Blue Nile’s Diamond Buyback option, although this feature is only available to ring settings with at least one 0.30 carat diamond or larger. You’ll also need to have a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) report and necessary paperwork about the diamond to avail this option.

Did You Know Blue Nile Resizing #2

Blue Nile offers all the help you need if you want to have your ring resized. Besides Blue Nile’s resizing policy, they also offer a simple and straightforward way to contact an agent for your free resizing. You can also schedule an appointment from any of their locations to return the ring for resizing personally or call their Diamond and Jewelry Consultant to arrange the resizing process.

Once Blue Nile received your ring for resizing, you can expect an email within one to two business days to confirm your request is processed. After that, the resizing process will take as much time depending on what’s needed to resize your ring.

If you are resizing your ring down, the jeweler will need to cut off a tiny portion of the shank, then reattach the ends by soldering. Meanwhile, if you’re sizing up the ring, the jeweler will do the same process, but instead of reattaching both ends, the same precious metal used in your ring gets inserted into the band. As a result, resizing down is often quicker than resizing up, especially as it depends on the metal availability.

If you are in a hurry to have your ring back, you can speak with Blue Nile’s jewelry expert and request expedited shipping.

Does Blue Nile Resize All Rings Purchased from Them?

Unfortunately, no. Blue Nile offers to resize most of their custom engagement rings and wedding bands, but not all.

Some of Blue Nile’s ring styles cannot get resized because of their designs. For instance, eternity rings with diamonds and gemstones are not eligible for Blue Nile’s resizing policy. Other rings that cannot be resized include:

  • Ornate or milgrain bands
  • Silver rings
  • Rings with alternative metals such as Tungsten

However, Blue Nile will exchange these rings for the correct size, but only for the first 30 days of purchase and with accompanying necessary papers.

Other Resizing Considerations

Blue Nile’s resizing policy and process include removing or adding small amounts of similar metals depending on the size you requested. Because of this, there may be a slight difference in the thickness between the purchased ring and the new size requested. However, these tiny changes are usually unnoticeable to the human eye.

Additionally, if you send back your ring for resizing within the first 30 days, instead of altering the purchased ring, Blue Nile will send you a new ring with the correct size. In this case, your new ring may contain more or fewer diamonds or gemstones. Also, expect an increase or reduction in precious metal weight, which ultimately affects the price tag.

Have There Been Issues With Blue Nile Resizing?

With Blue Nile’s resizing policy, there shouldn’t be any problem getting a ring that fits. However, some customers dealt with delayed resizing requests, but mostly during peak months like June and July, although it’s understandable with the wedding season.

Tracking your resizing request is also more convenient with Blue Nile’s ‘Return Status’ tracker. Their jewelry experts are also available 24/7, and you can contact an agent through live chat, SMS, WhatsApp, email, or telephone. Scheduling an appointment to any Blue Nile store or a virtual call is also quick through their official website.

Should You Get Your Ring Resized With Blue Nile?

Although Blue Nile offers one year of complimentary resizing to most engagement rings and wedding bands, you’ll have to pay if your request for the service beyond the first year. It might be tempting to avoid a potentially expensive cost and have your ring resized by your local jeweler instead. However, it’s essential to remember that any resizing and alteration made outside of Blue Nile will void the Lifetime Manufacturer’s warranty.

Blue Nile doesn’t encourage resizing as it can alter the ring’s overall quality and balance, so it offers many resources to help you find your correct ring size. But if you need, Blue Nile will do the resizing for free for the first year. Having your ring resized with Blue Nile also guarantees strict quality standards, and you don’t risk your manufacturer’s warranty getting void.

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