How Much Does It Cost to Reset a Diamond Ring? (2024 Update)

Wondering how much does it cost to reset a diamond ring? You are in the right place!

Resetting a diamond ring will cost you at least $100, and it can go up to thousands, depending on the amount of work and materials you want on your new ring. The finished product can either be ready-made or custom-made and will have a separate price based on the new setting and its accompanying diamonds and other stones.

Some factors that may affect the cost of resetting a diamond ring include:

  • Any changes or additional stones you want on your new ring.
  • The size of diamonds you want to reset.
  • Changes and additional designs on the ring setting.
  • The jeweler you chose to reset your diamond ring.

How Is a Ring Reset?

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So, you decided to reset your diamond ring, but before dropping your jewelry at the nearest jeweler in your local area, there are a few things you need to know.

It’s greatly advised to have your ring appraised before sending it for a resetting service. An up-to-date appraisal helps you get to know how much your ring is currently worth, which can be more or less than what you originally thought or paid for it.

Another smart step before having your ring reset is to get estimates from different trusted jewelers to see which one you would want to work with.

The following steps are typically how a diamond ring resetting works.

Step 1: Design Consultation

The first stage to reset a diamond ring includes booking a private consultation with your choice of jewelers. This step includes discussing your existing diamond ring, its sentimental value, and coming up with a rough design with the jeweler.

Consulting with a couple of jewelers during this step is a smart move, so you’ll have plenty of options. In addition, it will give you choices on which jeweler can give you the best value for resetting the ring of your dreams.

Once you have chosen a jeweler to work with, next comes the design meeting. It involves finalizing your ring design and assessing your old diamond ring to determine if it’s a good fit for resetting.

Step 2: Drafting and Design Modifications

This step to reset a diamond ring takes your design ideas and inspiration into sketches. It’s important to give your feedback once the jeweler gives you the sketches and makes necessary modifications.

Step 3: Sourcing Materials

If you want to add a couple more diamonds and stones to your old jewelry for a more elaborate final design, the jeweler will need time to source whatever additions you want on your new diamond ring.

Step 4: 3D Modeling

Once everything is on-hand and ready, the next step is creating a 3D model of your ring design. Like the sketches, you need to approve the 3D model before the jeweler proceeds with the next step to reset a diamond ring.

Step 5: Manufacturing Process to Reset a Diamond Ring

Once you approved the 3D model of your ring, the jeweler will be continued with casting your new jewelry. Again, you either use a ready-made ring setting or have one custom-made, depending on your design. The jeweler will also need to handset your diamonds and stones to complete the design and creation process.

Step 6: Delivery

After resetting the diamond ring and making quality checks, your new piece is ready for delivery. The jeweler will need to ship it to your address, or you can pick up your new ring at the store. Some jewelers will also give you a new ring with an up-to-date appraisal, or you can request it.

Can a Jeweler Replace a Diamond?

Yes, and there are a couple of reasons why you need a diamond replacement for your old ring. For one, you might want to upgrade your jewelry with a bigger and better center stone. Another reason is when the diamond accidentally fell off the ring.

Although diamonds falling off the ring shouldn’t happen when properly set and secured, it’s more common than you think. Plus, accidents happen, and you might have bumped your ring on hard surfaces.

Daily wear and tear are also another simple reason for diamonds falling off, especially as the ring gets older and the prong that holds the diamond in place becomes looser.

If this is the case, jewelers can replace the diamond in your ring. So whether you want to use the older, fallen-off stone or exchange it with a new one, your local, trusted jeweler should be able to do it.

Ring Sizer Adjuster for Loose Rings

Ring Sizer Adjuster for Loose Rings

If you’d like to adjust ring size at home without spending too much money, this ring size adjuster is a great choice.

What Can Jewelers Reset in a Diamond Ring?

Choosing how you want to reset a diamond ring is a personal decision, although some style and resetting options are more popular than others. Below are some examples that can inspire how you want to reset a diamond ring and give it a new life.

Adding Diamonds and Stone Accents

If you want to upgrade your old ring but still don’t want to do anything drastic, adding accents to your ring is a great way to spice it up. You can add diamond accents beside the center stone for extra sparkle. If a couple of small diamonds is too expensive, there are other alternatives. You can choose gemstones like sapphires and rubies, which complement well with diamonds.

Redesign a Ring with a Bigger Center Diamond

Another simple way to reset a diamond ring is by upgrading it into a much bigger and elaborate center diamond. A larger center stone is a remarkable option if you have smaller stones in your old jewelry.

Adding a Halo Around the Center Stone

Besides diamond and gemstone accents, you can also reset a diamond ring and add a halo of diamonds around the center stone. It’s the perfect way to level up old jewelry and give it a more dramatic flair. Besides adding extra sparkle, the halo can also make your diamond appear much larger.

Upgrading the Ring Setting

Besides upgrading the diamonds, you can also get a ring setting upgrade. For instance, if your old jewelry has a classic rounded prong, you can update it into a fiercer double claw prong.

Add or Change the Band

The ring band is another feature to change and update if you want to reset a diamond ring. Stackable bands are currently extremely popular, which provide more accent and sparkle to your diamond ring. Plus, there are many styles you can choose from, like plain or colored bands or an eternity band.

Change the Metal Type

Another option if you want to reset a diamond ring is updating the metal type. If you have a ring in yellow or rose gold that is pretty difficult to complement with your wardrobe and other accessories, you can opt to change the metal colors. If you’re allergic to most metal types and want to wear your ring every day, platinum is also a great option for sensitive skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can all rings be reset?

You can have any diamond ring reset, but some jobs are more complicated than others. Complex jewelry pieces will also likely cost more as it would take much time to work on them. It’s why getting an estimate from a couple of jewelers is smart before resetting, as some may charge more than others.

Can jewelers reset an heirloom ring or stone?

It depends, as most jewelers hesitate before resetting heirloom pieces. In addition, the job includes liability risks such as damage and loss. Unsetting and resetting antique stones is also difficult as they are often uneven. Lastly, it involves too much work for a jeweler, and they don’t make much profit from it, especially if you don’t purchase a new diamond for your jewelry.

How long will it take to reset a diamond ring?

The process of resetting diamond rings can take a couple of weeks to months, depending on several factors. For one, the process involves coming up with the new ring design that you have to approve. If you continually change the ring design, it can extend the resetting process. Plus, if you’re adding new stones to your ring, the jeweler has to source them first if they don’t have the ones that you are looking for on hand.

Will a jeweler agree to set a new diamond you bought elsewhere?

It depends on the jeweler you are asking to do the resetting. However, it’s not appropriate to ask a jeweler to set a diamond you bought from another jeweler on your ring in most cases. Jewelers make the most of their profit on the setting and stone combination.

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