Does James Allen Offer Financing? (2024 Update)

James Allen is home to some of the most attractive and best-looking diamond rings that could impress anybody no matter what happens. However, the best quality diamonds come at a price. Any ring with a genuine diamond on it will cost a lot of money, and it can be a somewhat impossible purchase if you are short on cash.

Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about buying it outright. Diamonds are expensive, but they also make a good investment. You can be smart about buying a diamond ring so that the price doesn’t leave a hole in your wallet.

James Allen is a well-vetted diamond retailer and well-known brand that provides generous financing options. If you have to think about cash balances, James Allen financing makes it easier on your wallet to get the best ring money can buy.

James Allen has incredibly attractive financing options available. They are not only easy to get, but the ranges are generous too. Plus, the diamond retailer won’t make you pay a massive markup in return.

Check out for more information about James Allen’s financing options and how to qualify and apply.

Does James Allen Offer a Credit Card?

James Allen currently doesn’t offer any store-specific credit cards to its customers looking for credit card financing. However, the diamond retailer accepts other financing options, including the LJC credit card program.

It is a retail credit card program offered to jewelry and luxury product brands like James Allen.  The LJC credit card, issued by TD Credit Card Services, a division of TD Bank, offers flexible payment options for both US and non-US residents. However, you can only apply for a credit card through eligible dealers in the US.

If you finance your James Allen ring, this is the credit card that you will get. In addition, you can also use it with other jewelry retailers and luxury shops that partners with the LJC credit card program. Once you applied and it passes through, you’ll receive a card that is unique to you, with your name and account, and you can use it at James Allen’s website or its brick-and-mortar stores like any traditional credit card.

Did You Know James Allen Financing

What Are the Requirements?

Your credit score must be high enough to qualify for James Allen financing options, like most credit cards. The card issuer, LJC Credit Card Services, will be the one to determine your creditworthiness or if your application will get accepted.

There are no outlined requirements before you apply for the LJC credit card. You only need to complete the application process first, and they will notify you if you’re approved or not. However, a few guides can help you know what and how to increase the chances of getting approved for James Allen financing.

If you are looking to get approved for James Allen financing options, you must have:

  • An established credit – with timely payments on existing credit accounts for two or more years.
  • A stable work or source of income
  • A credit score that meets the credit card issuer’s minimum criteria.

If you have an existing account with James Allen, you’ll have a much higher chance of getting approved for the store’s special financing offers. In addition, extensive credit history with a fair credit score or better will also more likely get you approved for a bigger credit limit. Meanwhile, if you only have a new account with James Allen or any other luxury jewelry retailer, you have less chance for a credit card approval.

What Credit Score Do You Need for James Allen?

Having a fair credit score of 600 or better will give you a better chance of getting approved for James Allen’s special financing programs. However, if you want to get a much higher approval rate, you must aim for at least a credit score of 700.

How Much Can You Loan?

Your credit line will primarily depend on your credit history. The online application for the LJC credit card program will give you the limit of how much you can loan through James Allen financing options.

It won’t be James Allen itself who will determine how much you can loan, but the credit card issuer, the TD Bank or its division, LJC Credit Card Services. In general, the credit card issuer will base your credit limit on a couple of things, like:

  • Your annual income, which you provide during the credit card application.
  • Your debt-to-income ratio, which the credit card issuer will estimate.
  • Your credit history or how you handle past credits.

If your credit history shows high balances and late payments, you’ll have a much lesser chance of getting approved for a high credit limit. Worse, your credit card application will get rejected.

Meanwhile, there is no specific maximum amount that you can loan through the LJC credit card with James Allen financing options. However, there’s a minimum amount to use the special financing, which is $1,000. Therefore, any smaller purchases worth below $1,000 is not eligible for James Allen financing options.

If you finance your James Allen ring, the interest rate depends on factors like your purchase price and payment terms. Your options include:

Deferred Interest

James Allen’s first financing option includes a waived interest if paid in full within the promotional term of six months. However, this is only available for minimum purchases of $1,000. Moreover, you will be charged with the standard interest rate from your purchase state if the balance is not paid in full by the end period.

  • 9.90% Interest

The second financing offer from James Allen comes with a 9.90% APR for the minimum purchase price of $2,000. It is payable for 24 months, but the offer is subject to credit approval. This financing offer is only available to customer accounts with a ‘good standing’ rating with James Allen. It means that you have paid previous balances on time.

If not paid in full by the promotional term ends, standard purchase APR applies.

  • 29.99% Interest

Other transactions and charges beyond the two financing offer come with a $29.99% standard purchase APR with a minimum interest charge of $1.

Signing Up

You can get your dream bling with James Allen’s special financing, and signing up is available through its website. If you want to apply for the LJC Credit Card program, you can do so by visiting the ‘Financing’ page on James Allen’s website.

There’s an ‘Apply’ button that will bring you into TD Bank’s online application app. There, you’ll have to fill out general personal and financial information. Once done, the online credit card application will update you through email whether you are approved or not within a couple of minutes. Once approved, you’ll also get a notification on how much you can loan or your credit line through the LJC credit card program.

After you qualify for the credit card, you’ll have the option to use it at James Allen right away or save the card for future purchases.

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Does James Allen Offer Any Monthly Payment Plans?

James Allen’s special financing through the LJC credit card program and the TD Bank offers a revolving line of credit that you can use on future purchases. The retail credit card financing provides a convenient and generous buy now, pay later financing program down to $0 interest, depending on monthly plans. Unfortunately, there are only two monthly payment plans available using James Allen’s LJC credit card.

6-Months Payment Plan

As mentioned above, this monthly payment option applies to minimum purchases of $1,000 with deferred interest when paid in full through the 6-months term. Otherwise, a standard purchase APR applies starting from the purchase date.

24-Months Payment Plan

If you are eligible for the LJC credit card, you can finance your James Allen ring through the retailer’s 24 monthly payments offered. However, this option has a minimum purchase required, which is $2,000. Also, approval for this payment plan will depend on your credit standing with James Allen.

Currently, James Allen doesn’t offer monthly payment plans for its engagement rings and wedding bands except for the two options available through the LJC credit card. However, James Allen does accept other payment options that may allow you to make monthly payments. For instance, you can use all major credit cards at James Allen. The store accepts payments made using Discover, Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.

Moreover, James Allen also accepts payments through Splitit, a card-based solution provider that allows you to make installment payments.

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