James Allen Production Time (2024 Update)

So, you’ve chosen the James Allen ring of your dreams. Now comes the dreaded waiting time for your ring to arrive in the mail. When buying something online, especially a diamond ring for a special occasion, it can be incredibly stressful and frustrating if it doesn’t arrive by the shipping deadline.

Typically, if you ordered your James Allen ring, the diamond reseller will ship your order within one to three weeks. However, the biggest factor that affects the timeline where you have to wait for your ring in the mail is the production of your order. You can check out James Allen’s shipping ranges below. 

Although it may take some for the ring to get to you, James Allen prides itself on handling your jewelry in the best way possible. In addition, they inspect each purchase before shipping to ensure its quality, so it’s important to consider these processes, so you end up with the ring that you expect and love.

Production Time vs. Shipping Time

Before you can get your James Allen ring, it undergoes two processes, each with its expected timelines. The first one is the production time, which is the time needed to manufacture or get your ring ready for shipping. The second one is the shipping time, which determines how long it takes for the shipped item to reach your address.

If you purchase an engagement ring from James Allen, you can expect a lengthier production time than the shipping time, especially if you are only shipping the ring to the US or Canada.

How Long Does James Allen Production Time Take?

did you know James Allen Production Time

Production time at James Allen depends on your order, whether it’s a loose diamond or an engagement ring. When ordering a ring, the production time will also depend on whether your ring of choice is available on hand or special order that needs to be manufactured first. Any additional design, changes, resizing, or engraving services will also add to the typical production time.

Loose Diamonds

When you order loose diamonds, it typically doesn’t have any production time. These products are available on hand. If you order loose diamonds, the only things needed to get done are inspecting, packing, and delivering your purchase.

You can expect around one to four days for your loose diamonds to get shipped after your payment.

Engagement Rings

The production time for James Allen rings and other jewelry is between one to three weeks, depending on your order. Although one to three weeks is a pretty vague estimate, it ultimately depends on the kind and style of your ring.

For a simple diamond and ring setting, the estimated production time at James Allen is ten days. Meanwhile, if you ordered a designer engagement ring with elaborate designs, it usually takes a lot longer to get it manufactured and ready for shipping. The production time for this kind of ring can take up to three weeks, especially because James Allen doesn’t have designer rings ready and in stock. The company usually has to get the ring from the designer once you placed the order.

Why Does James Allen Take So Long?

Besides the usual production timeline, there are also reasons why it can take longer for your James Allen ring to arrive in the mail. A higher influx of engagement and wedding ring orders can extend the production time further. You can expect this when you order your ring around the wedding season or during Cyber-Monday and Black Friday sales.

Other reasons that can add to your ring’s production delay includes:

  • James Allen’s diamond inspection process can relatively extend your order’s production time.
  • Ring quality inspections can also contribute to delays as James Allen have to send your ring for quality assurance, and if it doesn’t pass, it will have to be sent back to get remade.
  • Custom offices can also delay production, especially when ordering from another country.
  • Credit card verification can also take longer than usual, adding to your order’s delay.

How Long Does James Allen Shipping Time Take?

Shipping comes after James Allen has prepared your order. So, shipping times depend on two factors, your order’s production time and your shipping location.

In the United States

James Allen ring shipping for orders over $500 is via FedEx Priority Overnight, available in all 50 US states. It comes with a guarantee that you’ll receive your order during the next business day. However, if your order got placed on a Friday, the next business day would be Monday and not Saturday.

For orders below $500, James Allen ships your purchase via FedEx Two Day Saver, so you can expect to receive your items after two business days.

Outside the United States

International purchases that are under $500 in value get shipped through USPS or FedEx Economy. The shipping time for international orders mainly depends on your location, but once your order gets cleared by customs, you can expect it to arrive in the mail in four to six business days.

Meanwhile, James Allen ships international orders over $500 through FedEx International Priority. So, you can get your James Allen ring in one to three business days in more than 220 countries and territories worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I expedite my James Allen ring order?

You can request to expedite your ring, but it is not guaranteed. You’re highly encouraged to allow ample time to get your ring design completed and inspected to ensure quality.

What if my ring gets lost during shipment?

James Allen rings come fully insured during transit to ensure that it arrives safely in your mail. The company also requires a signature for all packages during the time of delivery.

Is the shipping free?

Shipping charges are a bit tricky, and it mainly depends on if you’re shipping to the US or internationally. US buyers with a shipping address in the US get 100% free shipping on all orders. Meanwhile, if you’re going to ship your James Allen ring in countries outside of the US, James Allen will still cover the shipping fee, but you’ll have to pay for VAT, taxes, surcharges and other fees incurred.

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