What Is James Allen’s Resizing Policy? (the latest Update)

James Allen is your 21st-century online diamond store with a remarkable reputation that spans over a decade. The brand’s primary goal is to give an excellent customer experience, helping people ring shopping in the most convenient way possible. If you didn’t get your ring size right the first time, James Allen has a pretty generous resizing policy.

James Allen offers free resizing for the first year of your purchase, but you can only do it once. More than that, and you’ll need to pay a fee for the ring resizing.

Buying a ring can be challenging, starting from choosing the best stones and gemstones, ring setting, band style, and, most importantly, the ring size. The ring might look as awesome as you imagined it to, but if it doesn’t fit, it takes out the excitement of wearing your new jewelry.

Fortunately, most jewelers, even those you can find online, have a resizing policy. So you can return your ring and get it resized for free or at a discount, depending on what the shop offers. So if you’re looking to get your ring resized with James Allen, here’s everything you need to know about the brand’s resizing policy.

How Long Is James Allen’s Processing Time to Resize a Ring?

The time it takes to resize a ring depends on the complexity of the changes and modifications you want to be done on your jewelry and the jeweler’s schedule. If you’re resizing a simple ring without gemstones or a plain band, the resizing process can be much quicker. If you need your ring adjusted by half a size or less, the jeweler can do it in a couple of minutes.

Meanwhile, if the jeweler needs to remanufacture your ring to get it in a different size, expect that the processing time will stretch much longer than a simple stretch on the band. This process can take around a couple of weeks to even months, depending on the jeweler’s schedule. Resizing a ring that needs special design adjustments will also take a significantly longer time.

However, most James Allen customers have shared quite acceptable resizing processing times. Many have said that it only usually takes a couple of weeks to get their ring resized with James Allen.

In some cases, you can get your ring resized at James Allen in a rush. You can speak to the brand’s customer service staff to request them to speed up the resizing process. Perhaps, you’re resizing your ring at the last minute and need to get it back as soon as possible for your wedding. You can mention the dates you’ll need the ring, and they can usually send it back in a week or sometimes less.

james allen resizing policy

How Much Does James Allen Charge for Resizing a Ring?

James Allen does have a pretty generous ring resizing policy. They give you a full year of coverage for one resizing request. It means that you can get your ring resized with James Allen for the first year of your purchase, and you won’t have to pay anything. They will also cover the shipping fee for your ring if you’re from the US or Canada. Meanwhile, if you need them to send you back the ring to another country, you’ll have to pay the $50 shipping fee.

However, the ‘free for one year’ resizing policy only applies to your first resizing request. After that, if you ask for further modifications to your ring, you’ll need to pay.

Here’s a simple guide on James Allen’s resizing policy after your first resizing request.

  • $25 resizing fee applies for rings in colors white, rose, and yellow gold.
  • $50 resizing fee for platinum rings.
  • $30 return shipping fee for customers in the US
  • $50 return shipping fee for customers outside of the US

The same fees apply if you send your ring back for resizing after its first year of purchase. However, James Allen doesn’t charge the shipping of the resized ring back to you. This service remains free of charge.

Can Every Ring in James Allen Get Resized?

Did You Know: James Allen doesn’t resize eternity bands and rings with an invisible tension setting. Altering these types of rings will distort their original continuity, balance and beauty, and upset their tensile strength, so they need to be completely remanufactured.

Not every ring can get resized, but if you need to make adjustments, you can send it back to James Allen, and they will remanufacture it for you. However, James Allen’s resizing policy for this case is very slim compared to what’s mentioned above.

There are several cases when your ring cannot get resized, such as:

  • Ring size restrictions, like going a ring size up or down.
  • The specific design style of the ring, like pave setting
  • Falling outside of the jeweler’s recommended range

If your ring will need to be remanufactured, James Allen gives a 30-day return policy. It means they won’t charge you to get your ring remade if you return it within the first 30 days of purchase.

After the 30-day warranty and during James Allen’s 1-Year free resizing policy, you’ll have to pay for the remanufacturing. The fee varies, depending largely on the type and style of the ring you bought, including its price tag.

Fortunately, you can ask for a quote from James Allen’s customer service before you send your rink back to get remade.

Is Ring Resizing Covered Under Any Warranty with James Allen?

James Allen only has one standard resizing policy, a free resizing warranty for your first request within the first year of your purchase.

The policy applies to both customers in the US and Canada as well as internationally. However, international orders have accompanying shipping costs.

Fortunately, you don’t need to pay for additional insurance to be eligible for this generous resizing policy from James Allen. Plus, the warranty applies to all ring purchases; no price minimum is required.

How Do You Start the Resizing Process?

James Allen has a pretty straightforward process if you want to get your ring size altered. You have to talk to a customer service agent first, either through their website or the telephone. You can also ask for a quote this way, and when you’re ready to send your ring back for resizing, the agent will send you the shipping label to initiate the process.

James Allen only works with FedEx, so once you’re ready to ship your ring back to them, you’ll need to drop the ring off. Thankfully, your jewelry is 100% insured. You’ll need to pay the shipping fee for international orders, but it’s free for customers from the US and Canada.

Once James Allen receives your ring, they will start resizing it and notify you once it’s ready to ship back to you.

Have There Been Issues With Customers Resizing With James Allen?

James Allen has a pretty straightforward resizing policy that makes it easy for customers in and outside of the US to get a ring that fits perfectly. However, a couple of customers faced issues when getting a ring resized with James Allen.

Common concerns include the significantly longer processing time than previously promised. Although it’s a fairly minor issue, it can be a huge inconvenience, especially for urgent requests.

Still, it’s worth noting that James Allen handles a large volume of rings. So, inevitably, there are bound to be delays and negative reviews. However, the resizing policy and processing time seem to go fairly quickly and smoothly for most customers.

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