What Is The Meaning of 2 lines Tattoo?

Are your fascinated with the 2 lines tattoo? If yes, you may want to know the 2 lines tattoo meaning.
There are a lot of reasons why people choose to get tattoos. For some, it’s a way to express their personality or individuality. For others, it’s a form of art or self-expression. And for some way to memorialize something or someone special. Regardless, tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, with one in five Americans now sporting at least one.  

If you’re considering getting a tattoo, you may be wondering what some of the most popular designs are and what they mean. Of course, one of the most popular tattoos is those with just two lines also know as two stripes tattoo. These simple designs can be compelling and meaningful.

If you want a deeper understanding of the 2 lines tattoo design, keep reading. We will tell you everything you need to get more familiar with this tattoo design and determine if it fits you.

What is the 2 Lines Tattoo meaning?

The two lines make a black armband on a specific body part. The thick solid design usually signifies losing an important thing, person, or pet in someone’s life. The tattoo design’s shape helps create uniqueness.

On the other hand, losing a loved one is not the only thing a two-line tattoo symbolizes. This tattoo design also represents strength, especially when placed on the bicep.

If the deceased loved stars and the sky, the design can include the moon, stars, and clouds. If that person loved flowers, like sunflowers or roses, the tattoo could have floral patterns to give honor.

Yes, you can use this tattoo design to honor someone who played an important in your life. The tattoo allows you to remember that person forever, at least through the tattoo. 

A two-line tattoo can also act as a good charm or illustrate luck when inked on the bicep. The muscle curves often help emphasize the design even more. It also signifies someone’s strength through stronger and more prominent curvature.

Not only that, but the bold design also draws attention. Some people get this tattoo design to keep themselves motivated to stay in shape. This makes it a symbol of luck and motivation.
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What are Other Symbolisms of 2 Lines Tattoo?

Aside from mourning and strength, two lines tattoo symbolizes protection, especially if it comes with a solid black color. 

Different cultural systems and tribes considered this tattoo a patch through which no evil spirit could enter. However, in some cultures, evil spirits are believed to enter the body through the knees, elbows, ankles, and wrists. That is why people make two lines tattooed around those areas. They believe that the tattoo will protect them against jinx or evil spirits.

Morticians ink a two-line tattoo in solid black on their arms to prevent evil spirits from escaping dead bodies from entering them. In addition, the design’s never-ending circle is believed to prevent those evil spirits from possessing them.

Meanwhile, black armbands were utilized as a way of protesting against the devastating Vietnam War. So, this tattoo design also symbolizes courage. It displays the courage to fight for freedom and peace among the people associated with the protests.

So, getting a solid back 2 lines tattoo is an excellent option if you want to express freedom. The ink can make you feel more courageous in everything you do.

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Does Two stripes Tattoo Hurt?

When getting a tattoo, always remember that the process hurts in most cases. On the other hand, the pain you may experience largely depends on the design’s position.

A two lines tattoo design typically comes with mild pain. Most tattoo artists design this tattoo on the bicep and other upper body parts. That is because the skin area is thicker compared to others. So, you expect that you will not experience high pain.

On the other hand, remember that you may feel more pain if the tattoo is placed on the skin’s thin region. You have nothing to worry about dealing with high pain if you get the design on a thick skin area.

Should You Position the 2 Lines Tattoo on the Left or Right Arm? 

In many cases, the two lines tattoo’s position does not matter much. The design’s meaning remains the same, so you can get it on either the left or right arm, depending on your unique preference.

On the other hand, if you want to get a tattoo that signifies strength, position it on the left arm. You can see a lot of people with this tattoo on their left bicep. Then, of course, you can choose the right arm – there is no wrong with that. 

frequently asked questions

How Long Should You Wait Before a Two Lines Tattoo Heal?

Concerning the healing time, it depends on the 2 lines tattoo’s designs, including its position, complexity, etc. The healing time usually takes 2 to 3 weeks before the skin’s exterior heals. On the other hand, you have to wait up to 6 months or more to complete the healing process. Your inner skin layers need enough time to heal. That period is also sufficient to allow the cells to be replaced.

Can You Mix a Two Lines Tattoo with Other Tattoo Designs?

Yes. Most people are open to mixing 2 lines of tattoo with other tattoo designs, like tribal tattoos. Native Americans and other tribal communities use tribal two-line tattoos with natural and geometrical symbols. They also combine them with other armband tattoo designs.

How to Care for Your Two Lines Tattoo?

While your 2 lines tattoo heals, always apply sunscreen to it to keep the colors shiny and bright, especially on the hot summer days. You have to moisturize the tattoo daily, especially for areas where tattoos can fade quickly, like your hands. You can use water and soap to wash the tattoo area two times daily. Before applying antibacterial ointment, gently pat it dry. Keep applying an ointment or moisturizer after cleaning to keep it moist.


Tattoos are more than just a design on particular body parts; they express different meanings and a personal touch. Like 2 lines tattoo, it symbolizes mourning, strength, courage, and protection. Getting this tattoo design lets you show your creativity and way of appreciating something or someone. 

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