777 Tattoo Meaning: What You Need to Know

Do you suddenly happen to notice the number 777 tattoo on your friend’s wrist? Maybe you are wondering what these three numbers symbolize.

Like most tattoos, there are different potential interpretations for what the number 777 symbolizes and can mean different things. For instance, it is often a sign of luck and magic, but it also has some spiritual relevance for others. 

But you need to remember that there’s also a sinister definition of deadly sins a 777 tattoo could bring, especially if you plan to ink this into your body.

This guide will delve deeper into the 777 tattoo meaning, their importance, and everything in between.

What is the meaning behind the 777 tattoos?

777 is considered an angel number. It is one of the most well-known and popular numbers in numerology. It is also famous worldwide for being a sign of positivity, luck, triple goddess and a sign that something good will happen in your life. The number is also known to showcase new beginnings. Therefore, it’s typical to see people with the number 777 inked on their bodies.

As an angel number, 777 means inner growth and personal transformation. It has a powerful spiritual connection and often suggests that you’re about to enter or are going through a spiritual awakening.

To explore the deeper meaning of the 777 tattoos, we should look at the number 7.

What are the other meanings behind 777? 

Here are some of the most typical meanings behind the 777 tattoo that you should be aware of:

  • Luck

It is not widely known that the number 7 is popular to be a lucky number. Why it is a lucky number? Because is used illustrate the idea of perfection or completeness in the Bible. That’s why Like 8 ball tattoo 777 tattoo also consider as a lucky tattoo. You will see the 777 tattoos and other symbols, such as slot machine and casinos.

On top of that, 777 tattoos may involve symbols of abundance, wealth, good fortune or romance, as love and money are highly desirable in life. Hence, providing a stay positive message.

  • Wisdom

For others, the number 777 may symbolize tapping into their inner wisdom.

  • Angelic

Did you know that the 777 tattoo also has a spiritual meaning in numerology? Seeing three numbers all together has an angel relevance, with every number from one to nine bearing its unique spiritual and angel meaning.

When you find a 777 tattoo, there’s often a message about an association to a higher power connected with it, irrespective of the identified religion of the wearer.

  • Holy trinity

The most specific meaning of the 777 tattoos conveys religious spirituality in Judeo-Christianity. Remember that the number 777 stands for the Holy Trinity for most, which every number 7 signifying the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

What are the variations of the 777 tattoo?

You’ll often see the number 777 as a tattoo with numerous variations. The most typical style is the number tattoo. Meanwhile, there is also a variation of 777 that is spelled out as “seven seven seven.”

Thus, you might see the words tattooed in print or cursive letters.

Lucky symbols are also connected with this number tattoo. The most typical type of luck connected with this tattoo is abundance and wealth. Pots of gold, shamrocks, casino symbols, money, and other wealth-related symbols are often associated with the 777 tattoos.

Do the 777 tattoos have a connection with the gang?

This tattoo’s particular variation demonstrates the three sevens united at the bottom and shoving out from a central point. That’s called the “three sevens” or the three-bladed swastika.

It is a tattoo that is mainly utilized to recognize a member of a white supremacist group. Also, it is an intentionally styled tattoo.

Still, it should not let deter you from considering having a 777 tattoo inked on your body.

What are the different tattoo styles for 777?

A beautiful 777 tattoo

 You will find a wide array of ways to make the 777 tattoos. The image of this number is appealing in different tattoo designs.

Here are some of the tattoo styles you can consider:

  1. Neo-traditional tattoo

In case you didn’t know yet, a neo-traditional tattoo is a typical style for the 777 tattoos. These are tattoos that combine various tattoo designs.

You may see some blackwork complemented with watercolor or realism to bring the 777 tattoo meaning to life for the person wearing it.

You can also see a standard black outline, with nuances of other tattoo designs that may include tribalism, color, or artistic design.

  1. Watercolor

Watercolor styles for the 777 tattoo are also common and give this number tattoo an exciting and fun vibe to it.

Some 777 tattoos in watercolor styles often have luck symbols, money, shamrocks, slot machine, rainbows, and other vibrant depictions of luck or success in life.

  1. Realism

Realism is a famous tattoo style, even though its artistry isn’t easy to find. You should become an expert tattooist to do this kind of tattoo style.

On top of that, realism tattoos stem in the 19th century from French photorealism. It is inspired by bringing images to life in an art form.

For a 777 tattoo, the contours and shadows of realism offer this depth.

Where is the ideal placement for a 777 tattoo?

777 Tattoo on arm

There is no “ideal” place on the body for a 777 tattoo to be worn, as you can put it about anywhere you want.

However, the size is important in where this tattoo can be placed. That’s especially true if you have other tattoos on the body and are not certain where to put that one.

Would you like to display your 777 tattoos conspicuously? Then the forearm is the best place to wear it. For a smaller tattoo, the inside of the wrist is a good place. Even some people love to have a smaller 777 tattoo on their fingers.

Other areas of the body where you can have a 777 tattoo are around or along the neck, under the ear, or even on your head.

777 tattoo on the front neck

Should you get a 777 tattoo?

Getting a 777 tattoo is a personal decision. If you are curious about getting this number tattooed on your body, think long and hard about that decision.

Remember that tattoos are permanent, and they are something you should contemplate before getting. However, 777, as an angel number, can be a good reminder that your guardian angels are watching out and protecting you. It is believed that guardian angels communicate a spiritual message by using a sign – the 777 number.

The number 777 is also an excellent number to get inked, thanks to the positive energy it brings. So we think it’s a good tattoo number choice for different people with a special connection to 777.

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As you can tell, there are numerous meanings behind the 777 tattoo, such as good fortune, luck, wisdom, and spiritual growth. The 777 images are also seen as happy tattoos or intended to be inspiring.

Does the number 777 have a special meaning to you? Then discuss with your tattooist about making the tattoo that best suits you.

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