8 Ball Tattoo Meaning | Ultimate Guide

The eight-ball tattoo is a popular design that is often seen inked on the bodies of both men and women. This particular tattoo design has several different meanings, and it can be interpreted in several ways. In this article, we will discuss the meaning of eight ball tattoo meaning and look at some of the most popular ways this tattoo is designed.

Are you planning to get an 8-ball tattoo? If yes, you may wonder about meaning of 8 ball tattoo.

Like other tattoos, an eight-ball tattoo can be highly personal. In other words, the 8 ball tattoo 8 Ball Tattoo Meaning differs from one person to another.

This article will tell you the different meanings behind the 8-ball tattoo. Also, we will give you other tattoo ideas and try to find which one best suits your taste. 

What are the different 8 Ball Tattoo Meanings?

Like other tattoo designs, it is critical to know the meaning behind the 8-ball tattoo.

The eight-ball tattoo can have a number of different meanings. It is often seen as a symbol of good luck or a lucky charm. It can also represent the taking of risks and the chance of success. For some people, the eight-ball tattoo is seen as a way to show their rebellious side. It can also be seen as a sign of strength and power.

The 8-ball tattoo design is often found on inmates across the world in the 1950s and even today. Unfortunately, this makes it a symbol of bad choices and bad luck.

In other words, an eight-ball tattoo comes with different symbolic meanings, from positive to negative. Here are the symbolisms of the 8-ball tattoo:

  • Risk 
  • Free will 
  • Chance 
  • Balance 
  • Prison
  • Lady luck 
  • Success 
  • Victory 
  • Loss 
  • Good fortune
  • Good luck 
  • Misfortune 
  • Bad luck 

In the end, the symbolism of your eight-ball tattoo will depend on what you want it to be. You have the freedom to choose what your tattoo would symbolize.

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Is Game of Pool Part of the Tattoo Community?

The game of pool is one of the popular cue sports and is often in the bar scene. While different games are part of the cue sports category, the eight-ball game remains in the top rank. 

This game involves 4 players, two players on each team. It is also played by two players, one player for each side. On a billiards table, there are 15 balls, each corresponding to a number on the side.

Two patterns are found on the balls: the solaids and stripes. This is because solids and stripes are put within the triangle’s frame. There are usually 5 balls at the base in five different patterns. On top of these balls are four other different patterns and so on.

In the triangle’s center, the eight ball is the most famous. This ball is the game’s central part as it can make or break someone’s game. This last ball is placed in one of the pockets. 

The player who knocked the 8 ball inside the pockets at any other time will lose the game. The game’s rule depends on where or who is playing.

Many people are interested in getting an 8-ball tattoo as the most famous ball in the game. 

The eight-ball tattoo design is one of the best options with regard to highly symbolic tattoos. Gamblers and pool players widely love this tattoo design.

You can mix the 8-ball tattoo design with other shapes and designs. If you are unsure which design you should choose, check out the ideas below:

Design #1: Card and Snooker 8 Ball 

Do you want to combine cards and snooker in one tattoo? Then, this tattoo design is perfect for you.

In this design, the eight-ball tattoo is drawn along the three cards in light and dark shades. It offers a “macho” look to the wrist or arms of the guys.

Design #2: Mischievous 8 Ball 

When creating an offending tattoo design, you can give the lucky eight ball a mischievous look. This tattoo design can include dice, a chess surface, a pool ball, etc., alongside a ribbon with the word “luck.” 

Design #3: 8 Ball with Fire 

This 8-ball tattoo design comes with a fire flames touch, giving you a mysterious look. It reflects love, the pain of death, passion, cheering, visibility, warming, etc. 

Design #4: 8 Ball with Wings 

If you want a tattoo representing victory, speed, and freedom, this flying 8-ball is what you are looking for. It is related to the speed that the eight ball travels while playing. You can put this small tattoo on your leg, neckline, arm, or wrist.

Design #5: 8 Ball with Mexican Joker 

Do you want to display your magical side? Do you wish to express your passion for magic shows? Then, an 8-ball with a Mexican Joker tattoo design will help you with that. This tattoo design uses black ink, giving an excellent shade and detail.

Design #6: King of Pool 8 Ball

Whenever you think of a king, you may visualize lots of diamonds, gold, and jewelry. A crown is the most prominent jewelry piece that a king wears, sitting upon his head. It symbolizes royalty.

Furthermore, an image of a king sitting upon his throne with a crown on his head made of diamonds and gold is recognized as a symbol of power. 

Combining this design with the 8 ball shows that you are the king of the game. The combined designs illustrate pure dominance. It also displays that you are the best and no one or nothing can defeat you.

Design #7: 8 Ball with Scorpion 

Combining the 8-ball tattoo with the scorpion gives you the best tattoo design for your arm or wrist. This design lets you express your feelings, strength, and power. It is a popular design option among bodybuilders.

Design #8: Dedicated 8 Ball 

If you want to dedicate a tattoo to the person who taught you how to play pool or inspired you to do so, this tattoo design is suitable for you. This tattoo design comes with a bright background combined with a memory belt of the years that were lucky for anyone associated with the game or you played or won.

What Items Can You Include with the 8-Ball Tattoo?

The best thing about getting an eight-ball tattoo is that you can add more detail to it. Here are some interesting items you can include with your eight-ball tattoo:

  • Images related to the game of the pool, such as pool sticks, ball racks, pool tables, and other numbered balls.
  • Fortune-telling stuff like Ouija boards 
  • Other symbols usually associated with 8-ball tattoos like hearts, music notes, skulls, and stars 
  • Flashy images, including money, diamonds, fire, and flames 
  • Items related to gambling, including Lady luck, cherries, playing cards, and dice 
  • Anything related to good luck, like horseshoes and four-leaf clover

Frequently Asked Questions

Does 8 Ball Have Spiritual Meaning?

The eight-ball illustrates the idea of chance since it can refer to good and bad luck. This tattoo design also represents a sense of balance. It reminds everyone to take good with the bad, just like yin and yang.

Did 8 Ball have a special meaning in 1940s?

In the 1940s, the eight ball was also used as a fortune-telling device. Finally, after 10 years, a toy company named Mattel developed 8-ball into a toy. This toy can answer different yes-no questions with “it is decidedly so,” “my source says no,” and more.

What celebrity has a 8 ball tattoo?

justin biber 8 ball tattoo

Justin Bieber has a black-inked magic 8 ball on his right forearm.


Whether it is good or bad luck, an 8-ball tattoo design deeply means the person wearing it. You can choose a particular 8-ball tattoo design and add elements to make it more personal. Plus, it gives you the freedom to express yourself.

We hope that this article has been helpful to you in knowing whether the 8 ball tattoo meaning suits you. Good luck!