Anarchy Tattoo Meaning

When someone puts a tattoo on the part of his body, he wants to let others know the significance of wearing the tattoo. A tattoo represents a specific meaning that attracts the bearer and contains a philosophy about life that is worth following. Similarly, an anarchy tattoo has a significant meaning and history that offers an optimistic view to many. From this article, you will learn anarchy tattoo meaning, what it symbolizes, and many interpretations related to this topic.

History of Anarchy Tattoo 

We find the reference to the word “Anarchy” in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as an absence of governmental authority. The believer of anarchism thinks everyone, along with society, should be self-governed. We can find many people around us don’t like the current ideology or structure of the government and the way it pressurizes us to do many things. 

Many of us are unfamiliar with the actual meaning of the anarchy tattoo. It is not just a symbol with some punk rockers or troublemakers. Many kinds of anarchist groups revolve around nationalism or anti-statist groups, primitivism, Christianity, etc. 

The central concept of anarchism comes from the tendency of the people to decide their well-being with the consequences of life without depending on any government. They like to set their own rules. A state is our greatest enemy as it pushes us to do something we don’t want to or pulls us back from sometimes doing what we wish. Therefore, a state is against us, controls us, and divides us. 

Anarchy Tattoo Meaning and it’s SYMBOL

People wear tattoos as a way to let others know about the feelings and attitudes they bear. So, all tattoos must represent their feelings. But, like all others, anarchy tattoos hold a particular philosophy that attracts many people.  

Anarchy Tattoo on left chest
Anarchy Tattoo Symbol

In the anarchy tattoo, we can see the English letter “A” within the letter “O.” The symbol represents lots of meanings, like protesting against the rule to obey someone, governance, or the existing authority. 

The bearer of anarchy tattoos likes to reject all the use of force. Though many anarchists are more into violation and aggressiveness, most are pacifists. The tattoo releases a message that the state won’t govern them.  

Negative Ideologies about Anarchism 

People establish many perspectives about the adverse effects of anarchism. A stateless society can be harmful to us in any way they believe. They think anarchism can create societal disorder and chaos, making society an unhealthy place to live in. 

People raise their voices against anarchism because they fear that without government rules and regulations, society and its people will do everything due to lawlessness and entirely go towards madness. People shouldn’t survive in a society without proper restrictions, and people are obliged to obey those rules.  

However, the anarchists never want chaos in society; they push the ideologies for total local autonomy. They don’t like interference created by the government authority. The anarchists believe they can perform anything without having anyone move them to step in. We are the degerminator of our own life. Everyone is responsible for his state. 

Many tribes around the world survived successfully without any government assistance. They survived due to adaptation. We care for ourselves in-house and take care of our responsibility and welfare without rules. 

Who Can Wear Anarchy Tattoo 

A tattoo lover is generally very independent and exposes his choice of freedom. Previously, a tattoo was worn more by men to show their unwillingness to obey anyone, individualism, and a sense of defending their attitude and points of view. 

However, the anarchy tattoo is trendy to women as a portrayal of Women’s freedom, individuality, defending attitude from the authoritative establishment, etc. So girls like to act rebellious sometimes and to show their rebelliousness and impertinence, and they wear an anarchy tattoo.

Nowadays, anarchy tattoo is likely portrayed by both men and women on the various parts of their body in different styles as follows:

  • Drawing 
  • New school 
  • Polynesian style

Designs of Anarchy Tattoo 

People like to get anarchy tattoos in colorful styles. The black and white version of this tattoo is also popular. The drawings of anarchy tattoos are more popular than the “new school” style. A tattoo artist can create a convex tattoo as requested by the user. Sometimes, this tattoo is inscribed with a famous slogan like ” anarchy is the mother of order” or powerful images like the death of a scythe, clenched fists, black crosses, skulls, etc. 

There are many samples of anarchy tattoos you can find online. Depending on your choice, you can wear the colored or black and white version of this tattoo. The available sample tattoo art will help you to desire a perfect one. The placement of the tattoo can be selected anywhere you wish. 

Some wants to get the tattoo art in an open area of the body to show the motif of the tattoo or express their convictions. On the contrary, some people like to wear them in a hidden spot on the body to hide the tattoo from strangers.  

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Who are anarchists? 

The anarchists are those people who don’t support any government as they think people can go or do without it. They reject authoritative views and are not bound to obey anyone. 

What a circle tattoo stands for? 

A tattoo circle represents the life cycle, mandala, completion, perfection, or enso. Therefore, it carries varied symbolic meanings and significance. 

What does the letter “A” in the anarchy tattoo represent? 

The letter “A” within the anarchy tattoo portrays the message of love. It’s about going against violence and establishing own laws for loved ones. 

Bottom Line

When you choose a picture for putting as a tattoo, it must be worth a certain kind of attention to the symbol of that tattoo. An anarchy tattoo can be designed in many ways by creative tattoo artists. 

If you see someone wearing an anarchy tattoo, don’t think the person is in madness. Probably, they don’t want to like to lead their life under a higher authority. They don’t accept advising them about the way of showing their life and dealing with the consequences of their actions. 

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