Candle Tattoo Meaning and Symbol

The tattoo of a candle, which is frequently regarded as being among the most imaginative tattoo designs, might be the ideal design for your preference. These kinds of tattoos allow you to put a unique touch to make it match tattoo your personality and style. In other words, you can design them in a variety of ways. 

Furthermore, people from both genders can get them, and individuals who do so, frequently associate a symbolic meaning with them. However, there are several candle tattoo meanings, different variations, and meanings associated with each of them, which this article will cover as a whole.

Candle Tattoo Meaning

Candle tattoos stand for fresh starts, optimism, and sunlight on gloomy days. They stand for enthusiasm or enlightenment. Candles may generate electricity or heat as well. Thus, these tattoos could indicate the capacity to recognize or locate a person’s path through life. Some of the unique designs are mentioned down below with their various symbolic meanings.

• Tattoo of a two-sided candle

This tattoo has a specific significance and serves as a gentle reminder to take things slowly. A proverb states that if the candle is burned on both sides, you are most likely to exhaust yourself. 

two-sided candle meaning

So, whether it be your job, studies, or even relationships, you must remember to set some time aside for yourself, or you might get burnt out. This ink will serve as a constant reminder of that.

• Tattoo of a skull and candle

This tattoo of a skull combined with the candle serves as a symbol of the mortality of human beings. As was mentioned above, once your life’s candle burns out, all will be over. So, it is crucial to enjoy every bit of life while you still have time since it is constantly burning away. 

Tattoo of a skull and candle

No one wants to reach a stage in their life when they regret not taking the time to enjoy it since life is quite unpredictable and may fly by in the blink of an eye. 

• Colorful and vibrant candle tattoos

Numerous people opt for colored candle tattoos in order to deepen the significance of the basic tattoo alongside having colorful tattoos. Each and every color of these colored tattoos has a symbolic meaning. For example, the blue ones stand for knowledge, safety, and bravery.


colorful candle tattoo

Similarly, the pink or red ones, similar to the pink or red rose, indicate desire, affection, and love, whereas the green tattoos denote wealth, good fortune, and accomplishment. In your design, you could also use a different shade for the fire rather than a candle.

Placements Of The Candle Tattoos And Their Significance

Any part of your body is suitable for tattooing candles. Many people opt to place these tattoos either on their legs or arms, while some still like to place a candle on the front side of their chest. The kind of message you intend the tattoo to portray will depend on where it is placed.

Tattoos that are put close to the rear, particularly just above the hips, denote power and a determination to achieve big goals in life. 

Those who acquire such a tattoo may wish to flaunt the fact that they are self-sufficient and independent. Tattoos that are done on the lower part of the leg signify an interest in exploring new things.

They may also symbolize a desire to either travel or become more knowledgeable about people’s surroundings. 

Tattoos that are done on your chest stand for a solid, unwavering tie with your close ones. They provide a warm and loving image of relationships, whether be it family or any other.

However, if you decide to place it on the lower portion of your torso, then it may represent discontent with the present circumstances in either your work or relationships.

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Styles And Images Of Candle Tattoos

It is truly commendable how you can use many various methods to style and make this kind of tattoo fantastic.

Since a lot of things might be regarded as suitable when combined with a candle, their patterns can depict a wide range of various components and motifs. Books, mirrors, feathers, flowers, and skulls are a few examples.

These are just a few of the additional embellishments and companions that the tattoos of candles frequently feature. You can utilize your creativity when designing them, as they are among the many uncommon tattoo styles that may be created with everything you could think of!

Candles can be in various sizes: broad, tall, long, or short. In addition, they can depict only one candle or a number of candles, either on a Victorian candle stand or on some kind of plate. Another feather of these tattoo patterns is that they can be created either by burning or without any flame.

Each of these variations has totally different moods and interpretations. The candle’s ignited flame may be used to make intriguing artwork. Thus, whatever design you choose, this is the ideal scenario for an individual to produce their unique creation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both genders are drawn to getting tattoos of candles. Many individuals who opt to have this kind of tattoo seem to be independent learners who always pursue their faith.

What is the symbolization of a candle?

The candle’s light represents sanctity, rebirth, mortality, and redemption. It also stands for a brighter tomorrow, the sun’s energy, the complexity and fragility of life, and brightness in the midst of life’s gloom.

What is the significance of the tattoo of a burning candle?

It may be a metaphor for time, like the journey you still need to travel or the amount of time that is left. You may illustrate this by altering the candle’s level of burning, the amount of wax gathered below, or the amount of wax that comes from the candle’s top.


Whichever candle tattoo you decide to have, it will have a special significance. So instead of rushing, take time to look into every option that you have available. You will gain a greater understanding of the patterns that are accessible, which may be a huge benefit when coming up with the ideal design.

Choose a tattoo artist who is experienced and can bring your imagination to life as a tattoo will be permanent and any mishap will keep you unhappy for a lifetime.

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