How to Remove a Stick and Poke Tattoo? (your ultimate easy to follow Guide)

If you go by statistics, 3 in 4 people get a tattoo to develop tattoo regret. So it makes tattoo removal a big business. Of course, the ratio might be higher in stick and poke who might have done their tattoo by inexperienced tattooers. But there is no need to worry as methods can help remove the unwanted stick and poke tattoos. 

We believe it’s possible to remove a stick and poke tattoo at home, and there are a few methods that you might try. Unfortunately, each method is bound to cause a lot of pain and scarring. The process can be challenging, but if you are still interested in knowing more about How to Remove a Stick and Poke Tattoo, the guide below offers information on getting rid of a stick and poke. 

How to Remove a Stick and Poke Tattoo?

The methods discussed below need many precautions and should never be done if you aren’t sure or know what you are doing. Instead, we recommend consulting a professional and getting things treated by them. 


Stick and poke tattoos at home are mostly done using crude applications like sewing needles and homemade ink, it’s possible to remove superficially applied tattoos. The best DIY method is salabrasion as it has been very successful in superficially applied tattoos. It involves the usage of salt and dermabrasion to remove layers of the epidermis. 

The Process

This process requires water, salt, and a sponge or a rubbing pad. 

  1. Clean the skin around the undesired tattoo. 
  2. Roll the pad in the salty water and scrub on the skin. Keep rubbing for 30 minutes to remove the upper layer of the skin. 
  3. After scrubbing completes, add antiseptic or triple antibiotic cream to avoid any possibility of an infection. 

Note: The process can be very painful and cause a lot of bleeding. For some cases stick and poke tattoos, a single application might be enough. However, in most cases, you will have to do it multiple times.  

Dermabrasion Using Sand 

You might have seen how sandblasting removes rust from the car and even paint from the surface. Similarly, sand can be used to remove tattoos too. Although the method is painful. It requires removing several layers of the skin to reach the layer holding the ink. It results in skin bleeding, and it’s recommended to visit a clinic and get it done. 

The Process

You need some sanding powder and fine sandpaper or a sponge. 

  1. Clean the skin on and around the tattoo. 
  2. Sand the skin vigorously till it’s bearable for you. 
  3. Apply any antiseptic cream to prevent the chances of an infection. 
  4. For best results, you might need to do this process multiple times. 

Tattoo Removal Cream

Tattoo removal cream is another way of getting rid of stick and poke tattoos at home. The cream uses acids to peel away the layers of your skin. It allows the ink from the poke and sticks to seep out the skin comfortably. Tattoo removal creams aren’t as effective as traditional tats; they might work on a rudimentary stick and poke tattoos if done improperly. 

The Process

You simply need a tattoo removal cream containing trichloroacetic acid and hydroquinone. 

  1. Read the instructions specified on the back of the cream.
  2. Ensure you apply it as directed to get the best results.
  3. It’s a natural method for tattoo fading.

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Natural Methods

If you aren’t comfortable sanding the tattoo with sandpaper or salt, you may try other natural methods for fading the tattoo away. If the tattoo was crude and did not penetrate deep, the natural processes can be effective. 

Lemon Juice 

You need freshly squeezed lemon juice in a small bowl. People have been using lemon juice to bleach their hair naturally. Similarly, that process could be done on tattoos too. Lemon juice acts as a natural bleaching agent for removing the tattoo on the skin naturally. It is effective for very shallow sticks and pokes pieces. Although the process is less painful, it takes considerable time. 

The Process

  1. Apply pure lemon on your skin using a cotton swab or cloth. You may use a freshly squeezed lemon or pure juice available at a grocery store near you. 
  2. Let the juice dry out before wiping it over.
  3. Do this process at least 4-5 times daily. 
  4. The tattoo initially lightens and later fades away completely. 
  5. You can add salt to the lemon juice as salt is an effective scrubbing agent 

Aloe Vera & Honey 

Honey and Aloe Vera is an effective natural ingredient that fades away age spots and deals with a stick and pokes tattoos. You may either mix them and apply or use them separately. 

The Process

Just like the previous method, you need to apply aloe vera and honey 4-5 times a day to naturally and painlessly remove the tattoo. If the tattoo hasn’t penetrated deep, you will easily remove it using this method. 

Professional Treatments

Things you have at home might not be enough. In some cases, you may need to consider professional services such as laser tattoo removal, excision or dermabrasion. Each of them is a proven method for removing all kinds of gun-made or hand-done tattoos. Although the cost of each treatment can be expensive, most stick and poke tattoos are small and it might be the best option to consider these methods. 

Concluding Remarks

The methods and tips discussed above are proven and, if done correctly, can yield great results. Depending on how deep your tattoo has penetrated, you may opt for any of the methods above. In any condition, if you feel that the condition is beyond your control, or you do not have the confidence to do it at home, we recommend taking the help of a professional. 

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