Pegasus Tattoo Meaning | Fascinating Guide

A tattoo is worn as a fashion item, but people choose to wear a tattoo of those images or names that bear great significance. Of course, not all tattoos have a deep meaning, but some tattoo portraits are famous to tattoo lovers for the history and matter it holds. A pegasus tattoo meaning is significant for those who dream of staying unshackled and flying high in the sky freely.

Horse tattoos are prevalent among tattoo lovers, and among horse tattoos, the pegasus is widely worn for its mythological importance. There are many reasons for putting on a pegasus tattoo: it is the personification of endurance, speed, beauty, and strength.

What does Pegasus Symbolize? 

In Greek mythology, Pegasus is a winged master of the air and a hoofed master of the ground. The winged horse represents strength, speed, beauty, a sense of majesty, and artistic inspiration. Pegasus is a Greek mythical character that is a guide for humankind and inspires them to combat opponents. In addition, this mythic figure with a fantastic flowing mane and tale is depicted as a symbol of wisdom and freedom. 

Pegasus Tattoo Meaning and Purpose to Put on

Who doesn’t want to fly freely in the sky and stay unshackled? When you dream of being free, you might feel like wearing a pegasus tattoo. Now, why do people feel interested in wearing a pegasus tattoo? The reason is that for people who know about the features of the Greek mythological creature Pegasus, the first thing that comes to mind is the sense of freedom, willingness to remain unchained, and intention to fly far above the sky or go greater distances. 

Pegasus Tattoo on Back

Everyone opts for freedom, avoids burdens, and looks for ways to fly high as a winged horse can do. A pegasus tattoo represents the image of tranquility spread by a winged wise horse. A proficient tattoo artist would always try to ink a scenery of a riding pegasus in the most mesmerizing way. 

Tattoo lovers like to wear tattoos of things they believe can shower them with good luck and guide them positively in their future endeavors. They thought wearing a pegasus tattoo could bring them success in their intellectual and creative activities like adventures, arts, literature, etc. The pegasus tattoo can foster their intention of remaining unstoppable until they reach their ultimate destination. 

Placements of Pegasus Tattoo 

Back of the Neck 

Men like to wear the pegasus tattoo on the back of their neck, a visible area of their body. This tattoo placement represents the user’s intention and ability to hide fear and weakness despite showing his goals, attitude, morals, and passion toward something. 


Shoulders are the most common spot for users. They can hide or expose this part of their body. Choosing shoulders as the placement of tattoos suggests the user’s tendency to be true to himself despite seeing the obstacles. He doesn’t care about him. 

Side of the Rib Cage

Another common placement of the pegasus tattoo is the user’s both sides of the rib cage. This is also a visible place like the shoulder or the back, but the user can hide it with clothes if he wants. The tattoo users like to get this design in this place to show their openness about their life ambitions and goals. 

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What do you know about the spiritual meaning of Pegasus? 

In Greek Mythology, Pegasus is a winged flying horse used to help the Gods and heroes combat enemies and rivals to win battles. This famous mythological figure represents power, freedom, a sense of imagination, and creativity. 

Why do people wear horse tattoos?

Since the horse tattoos symbolize a sense of freedom, grace, beauty, strength, and many other noble traits, people opt to wear the horse portraits as tattoos on them—the fantastic work of artwork as an inspiration for tattoo lovers.  

What is the difference between a Unicorn and Pegasus?

A unicorn is a wild but pure and graceful creature famous in the ancient Greeks. Virginity lures the unicorn. On the other hand, a pegasus is a well-known, unique creature of Hellenistic Mythology, of which the episodes were taken from the Greek-Roman poets. 

Do only men wear a pegasus tattoo? 

No, a pegasus tattoo is a common design for men and women. Previously, it was generally regarded as a work of masculine art, but later on, it became popular with women. In addition, this tattoo contains feminine connotations in certain cultures. 

Final Words

There are many significant qualities inherent in the image of Pegasus. A lucrative portrait of a pegasus tattoo can enhance the beauty if it is executed well on someone’s body. A guy or girl can put this tattoo on their chest, arm, side, or shoulder by a quality tattoo artist. The symbolism of the tattoo behind each placement attracts tattoo lovers more to get the designs on different parts of their bodies. 

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