How Many Times Can You Resize a Ring? (2024)

As someone who inherited a ring from my mother, I know the struggle of having a loose (or tight) fitting ring. I know I should definitely get it resized, so I can comfortably wear it. However, it appears that my mother also inherited the ring. She had the ring resized after getting married. Now, I wonder whether getting the ring resized again will damage it.

How Many Times Can You Resize a Ring?

You can have your ring resized two to four times. However, this still depends on the material and delicacy of the ring. So, a softer metal will be less likely to be resized more than twice.

Essentially, the resized ring will be weakened. During the procedure, it is exposed to stress that makes it vulnerable. However, before proceeding with a resizing procedure, it is better to consult with your jeweler first. They may have a better opinion and suggestion about the ring’s fit.

How Do I Find My Ring Size?

ring size guide

One of the simplest ways to get your ring size is by ring size chart. This DIY method requires you to use a few materials to start. You need a non-stretch string, a pen, paper, and a foot rule.

After getting all the materials, follow this simple step-by-step instruction:

  1. Tie the string around the finger where you plan to put your ring.
  2. Then, mark where the strings overlap.
  3. Untie the string and measure it by millimeter (mm).
  4. Compare the measurement to the ring size chart. Most of these charts are available for free on the internet.

Another way to get your ring size is by referring to the rings you already have. There is a great chance the ring size is embedded in the ring. The size may also be indicated in the ring’s certificate. If none, you can directly ask the jeweler for the ring size.

If you want to get your ring size precisely, you can purchase a ring sizer. It is available on Amazon or eBay, in case your local shops do not have one for sale.

Country based ring size chart

Should I get My Ring Resized?

Definitely yes! A ring, being too loose or too tight, is a great indication to have it resized. However, the looseness of a ring does not immediately mean that you need to get it resized. A lot of jewelers tend to size up your ring size, but the size is still snug enough for your finger.

During warm days or the summer season, our fingers expand. The heat is making our blood vessels dilate. So, most jewelers design and make rings a little bit bigger than the client’s ring size.

If you have a tight ring, it can be uncomfortable to wear. However, the more serious problem with a tight-fit ring is it can lead to some health risks. One potential health problem is that a tight ring may cut your blood circulation. Worse, it can lead to amputation of your finger. Another reason to wear a snug fit ring is to make your skin breathe.

But, before going ahead and having your ring resized, ask yourself whether you are going to use it daily? If yes, try wearing the ring for at least a week to test the fit. A ring should be easy to wear, but a tad difficult to remove.

Ring Muffin Top

How Easy Is It to Resize a Ring?

It is not easy to resize a ring, that’s why only professional jewelers do it. The problem is finding a suitable jeweler to make it happen. Remember that you, unless you are a jeweler, cannot DIY resizing a ring. This procedure requires technique and specialty to be accomplished.

The ring resizing procedure can be done in several ways. It depends on whether it will be reduced or enlarged.

  1. As for sizing up, the jeweler will stretch the metal or add additional metal. The method of enlarging the ring’s metal by stretching is not commonly used by jewelers. Stretching the metal weakens the ring significantly in comparison to other methods. Jewelers usually will choose to cut and add metals in the ring instead. They will solder everything together, ensuring a stronger build.
  2. As for sizing down, the jeweler will heat the metal and cut a piece of the ring band. You can ask the jeweler for the metal cutout. You can use the metal discard in case you size up the ring.

Generally, resizing a ring usually takes one to two business days to be accomplished. However, jewelers take into consideration factors such as the ring’s materials, gemstones, and resizing history. So, some rings may take more time than an average ring. If you need the ring for a special occasion, then make sure to consult your trusted jeweler ahead of time.

Does Resizing a Ring Weaken It?

Yes, resizing your ring can weaken it. The most affected part of the ring is the one cut and smoldered during the resizing procedure. Unfortunately, the bottom part of the ring is usually the portion being cut. This is a problem as the bottom part of the ring receives the most pressure when worn.

If this is the case, there is a potential that the ring might get broken. In case you decide to get your ring resized, make sure to be careful not to exert too much pressure when wearing it. The risk of breaking can be minimized if done properly by a professional jeweler.

How Can I Really Tell If My Ring Is Too Small?

The easiest way to know whether your ring is too small for you is when it barely fits your fingers. If you find yourself pushing the ring on your finger, then it means it is too tight. Assuming you were able to put the ring on your finger, and your finger is turning blue, then better remove it fast.

If a ring is too small, there is really nothing you can do besides calling a jeweler to have it enlarged. Remember that your comfort is the top priority.

Where Should I Get My Ring Resized?

The best place to get your ring resized is at the same jeweler where you purchased your ring. They are familiar with the materials of the ring and its structure. However, if they are unavailable, then you might want to start looking for options. Finding a trusted jeweler to take care of your ring can be challenging. Unless you already have one, it can be tricky to find someone to resize your ring.

I advise that you ask your family and friends for a recommendation. Try to approach those people who already had their jewelry resized. If none, try visiting your local jewelry shop. Then ask them some questions about their qualifications and experiences. Maybe, they can share some tips on how to take care of your ring before and after the resize procedure. You can also start looking for a jeweler online who provides ring resizing service. Just make sure to do a thorough background check about them.

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